Review: One Night with a Cowboy

One Night with a Cowboy (Silverado Lake, #2)


Sparks fly when a handsome cowboy and a strong-willed widow must work together, in this charming contemporary western romance from a national bestselling author — with a bonus story by Carly Bloom!

Rodeo cowboy Wes Harding left his family ranch after one reckless mistake cost his loved ones everything. But when his sister needs help, Wes agrees to come home and take the reins of their ranch’s big charity event. However, he didn’t plan for his distracting, stubborn co-hostess. One kiss with Thea throws his world off balance . . . and has Wes craving the family he’s never dared dreamed of.

Single mom Thea Davis doesn’t have time for an inexplicable, toe-curling attraction to Wes Harding—no matter how well he listens or how sweetly he treats her children. Her focus needs to be on holding her fragile family together. But the more time she spends with Wes, the more attached she—and her kids—become. With the week drawing to a close, can Wes convince her to give love a chance before she leaves Silverado Lake—and him—behind for good?

Includes the bonus novella It’s All About that Cowboy by Carly Bloom!

Rating: 5-stars


One Night with a Cowboy by Sara Richardson is the best contemporary romance novel. Inside, I meet two amazing characters. The hero is a man who is carrying around guilt from his younger years. He still blames himself about his father’s death. Wes is a hard working cowboy who puts others before himself. His sister needs him back at home, and he drops everything to help her. Wes and his sister’s best friend, Thea, work the summer kids activities together. The more time they spend together, the more both she and her two kids love Wes. Thea is a workaholic trying to give her kids the best life possible. She and their dad had a terrible marriage. Thea is worried about her attraction to Wes and how it will affect her kids’ lives. But both her daughter and son approve of Wes. Now, it’s just up to them to figure out their hearts and future. Sara Richardson created characters that I will never forget. I felt their pain and felt sympathy for their troubled hearts. Both were extremely likable. I was rooting for them the whole way through. The story was addictive, emotional, and engaging. I did not want the novel to end. But it did, and I am excited to read the next grand adventure by this talented writer.

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