Review: It’s All About That Cowboy

It's All About That Cowboy (Once Upon a Time in Texas #1.5)


Head back to Big Verde, Texas, where a homecoming queen and the bad-boy-turned-sheriff get a second chance at first love!

Once Jessica Acosta left Big Verde, Texas, she didn’t look back . . . until now, when a temporary homecoming brings her face-to-face with her high school sweetheart. Still devastatingly sexy, Casey Long sets off the same sparks that drew them together years ago. But Jess can’t forget how he broke her heart . . . or the secret that came between them.

Casey may have traded in his bad boy rep and big rodeo dreams for a sheriff’s badge, but he’s never gotten over Jess leaving. Having her back in town feels like a second chance, especially when it’s clear that their chemistry is as strong as ever. But can Casey and Jess move beyond the pain of the past . . . to have the future they both deserve?

Rating: 4-stars


It’s All About that Cowboy by Carly Bloom is a sweet contemporary romance novel. I loved how these characters shared an instant chemistry but that there was also more than that to their relationship. The emotional appeal was amazing. I enjoyed all of the heartfelt moments. These two were crazy about each other in the past. Now, upon running into each other again, they feel the magical pull. The hero isn’t sure how he feels after seeing the heroine again. She sparks fire in him in ways he cannot ignore. But he’s hurt from the way she left so many years ago. The heroine has had her share of surprises and trouble. She has taken care of her younger sister who is young enough to be her daughter. The hero comes to his own conclusions and then it’s the heroine chasing after the hero. It was an unusual twist of events and it worked. I was entertained and hooked from the start. This romance is one to keep for re-reading.

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