Review: Meet Me in Barefoot Bay

Meet Me in Barefoot Bay by Roxanne St. Claire


Fall in love with two “lovely, lush, and layered” beach romances from a renowned New York Times bestselling author (Kristan Higgins) — together for the first time in print!  Barefoot in the Sand  
When a hurricane roars through Lacey Armstrong’s home, she decides the rubble is a chance to finally achieve her dreams. Nothing is going to distract her from running her own hotel—not even the hot, younger architect eager to work alongside her. Both have experienced heartbreak in the past, but after meeting Lacey, Clay Walker can’t imagine his life without her. Clay has until the end of the project to build Lacey’s trust in their future together—one that will last forever.
Barefoot in the Rain
When scandal strikes for celebrity life coach Jocelyn Bloom, she hides in the one place no one would think to search: Barefoot Bay. But her hometown is nothing like she remembers. Her father is a shell of the man he once was, and Will Palmer, the man who broke her heart, is his caretaker. Jocelyn’s return brings back old feelings for them both, but her presence also unearths the turmoil that once led to her leaving. Jocelyn has guided countless clients to happiness-but can she and Will learn to let go of their own past to find a sunny new future together?

Rating: 5-stars


Barefoot in the Sand by Roxanne St. Claire is an enjoyable contemporary romance. I had fun following the life of a single mom raising her teenager daughter. Together they faced, a tornado that destroyed their home and belongings. So, they move back to Barefoot Bay and that’s when Lacey uses the insurance money to plan her B&B. Only the architect she thought she poke with and was going to hire, turns out to be a younger man. A sexy as hell younger man with a talent in drawing up buildings and getting things done. He always rises to the challenge. Just when things heat up between them, Lacey’s ex husband comes back on the scene. Talk about complicated. Then there’s handling her teenage daughter’s attitude and fantasy that her parents have changed and will remarry. Then, there’s the town council they have to win if the B&B or resort will be built at all. So much rides on one man. It all connects to him. Can a woman once burned by love learn to take a risk and trust again? Overall, this was a funny, sweet, and intense read. 4.5-stars

Barefoot in the Rain by Roxanne St. Claire is a heartfelt story. I immediately felt sympathy for the female character. Her father was abusive to both her and her mother. After his last bout of abuse, she left home and never came back. Now, her father has complete memory loss and she’s struggling with believing if it’s real or if he’s faking it. She’s also struggling to forgive him as well. Then, there’s the only man she ever loved who turns out to be her father’s caregiver. He has forgiven her father but there’s still a secret he doesn’t know about…and when he does know, everything will change between them again. I loved the way this book was written. I was hooked. This story was the most captivating tale I’ve read. A story of second chances, forgiveness, finding oneself, standing up against abuse, and of love. There was plenty of romance and an emotional rollercoaster to keep my full attention. This novel, was driven by the characters, action, and dialogue. It went by faster than I liked. 5-stars

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