Review: Unknown Threat

Unknown Threat (Defend and Protect, #1)


US Secret Service Special Agent Luke Powell is lucky to be alive. Three of his fellow agents have died in unusual circumstances in the past ten weeks. Luke is devastated by the loss of his friends and colleagues, and his inability to locate the killer feels like a personal failure. He’s an expert at shielding others, but now the protectors are in need of protection.

FBI Special Agent Faith Malone is driven to succeed and confident in her ability to solve every case she’s assigned. She’s been put in charge of the investigation into the unprecedented attacks, and with Luke’s life in danger, the stakes have never been higher. But it’s hard to know how to fight back when you don’t know who the enemy is.

As more agents are targeted, Luke and Faith will have to work together to bring a killer to justice and prevent any more names from joining their fallen brothers and sisters on the Secret Service Wall of Honor. 

Rating: 5-stars


Unknown Threat by Lynn H. Blackburn is a fast-paced romantic suspense read. I loved the action-packed scenes. There is plenty of danger to keep things intense and on high alert. The protagonists are the type of characters that draw one closer to the story. Each one has a path and it’s crossed to the point where the danger escalates. Luke’s teammates have been targets and killed one by one. Now, his life is in immediate danger. That’s where the heroine comes steps in to rescue Luke. Together they must work in finding the bad guys. Only they find the heroine too easily. I love the work ethic of these characters. They needed to build of their trust of each other and build a budding partnership. As the investigation goes further, they find they like each other more than they want to admit. The combination of crime, suspense, and romance made this an unforgettable tale. It is addictive. Going after the bad guys is typical work, but going after their unknown enemy makes it that much harder. Overall, Lynn H. Blackburn creates another engaging and thrilling novel.

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