Review: A Rogue to Remember

A Rogue to Remember (League of Scoundrels, #1)


In this irresistible historical romance debut, a seasoned spy sets out to rescue the childhood friend he once loved from a reputation-destroying rumor—only to discover that she is actually the source.

After enduring five interminable seasons, Lottie Carlisle has had enough of shallow London society, her boring little life, and her uncle Alfred’s meddling. When he demands she accept a proposal by the end of next season or else he will choose a husband for her, she devises a plan: create a scandal shocking enough to make her unmarriageable and spend her spinsterhood far enough away in the countryside where no one will ever recognize her.

Alec Gresham hasn’t seen Lottie since he left his childhood friend without a word five years ago. So he’s not surprised to find her furious when he appears on her doorstep. Especially bearing the news he brings: her uncle is dying, her blasted reputation is still intact, and Lottie must return home. As they make the journey back to her family estate, it becomes increasingly clear that the last five years hasn’t erased their history, nor their explosive chemistry. Can Lottie look past her old heartache and trust Alec, or will his secrets doom their relationship once again?

Rating: 5-stars


A Rogue to Remember by Emily Sullivan is an interesting and heartfelt regency romance. There’s a bit of an intense plot with the heroine hiding away from her uncle to find that he’s ill. The man hired to bring her back to her ill uncle is the one man that wanted Lottie for years. But he was denied her hand and forced to stay away from her. That was until the Uncle approached him about Lottie. Lottie means the world to Alec. Their passion heats up and temptation is enough to burn them forever. Love, lies, and danger are woven deep into this marvelous read. I was entertained from the start. Emily Sullivan creates an atmosphere that transforms the room your in and pulls you deep into her fictional world. This happened, while reading this novel. Addictive, tempting, and romantic-I was hooked. Rogues make for the best kind of story. Alec is the one rogue who tempts Lottie’s heart. Overall, there is enough chemistry, action, and emotional appeal to keep readers begging for more. I know, I did. I highly recommend this tale of unforgettable characters and fast-paced scenes to all readers.

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