Review: Scoundrel of My Heart

Scoundrel of My Heart (Once Upon a Dukedom, #1)


Lorraine Heath begins an exciting new series with a breathtaking romance about a young woman who must marry a titled gentleman to obtain her inheritance and the usuitable man she begins to fall madly in love with…

She is desperate to wed a duke…

Lady Kathryn Lambert must marry a titled gentleman to claim her inheritance and has finally gained the attention of a duke. Yet she is unable to forget the scandalous second son who aided in her achievement—or his betrayal.

He wants what he can never possess…

Lord Griffith Stanwick is tormented by the bitter truth that as a “spare,” he will never be able to give Kathryn what she yearns to possess. But when his father is found guilty of treason, Griff detours into the dark and dangerous corners of London, haunted by memories of the woman lost to him forever.

Love not to be denied…

As the duke’s courtship intensifies, Kathryn discovers Griff has become a man to be reckoned with. When old passions flare and new desires ignite, she must decide if sacrificing her legacy is worth a lifetime shared with the scoundrel of her heart.

Rating: 5-stars


Scoundrel of My Heart by Lorraine Heath is the most enticing historical romance novel I have read. It’s super fun. A young woman is sold on never marrying a second son. Her reasons are personal. It won’t be until much later on before the hero finds out exactly why she said that. Despite needing to marry a titled first son, Kathryn and Griff find that they are more than just old friends. There’s an undeniable attraction waiting to burst into flames. Each moment alone, they find it harder to resist temptation. Especially, Griff. He wants Kathryn with a passion. But he knows she desires not to marry a second untitled son such as himself. He plays a part but the further I read, the more I learn that Griff if more than a playboy. He has dreams, works hard, and is just as compassionate and trustworthy as Kathryn. Kathryn finds Griff to be a mystery that she wants to unravel. Their journey is heated, intense, and heartfelt. I was in love! Lorraine Heath never disappoints me. Her books are so engaging, I know they will be beyond my expectations. This one was definitely worth reading! I highly recommend it to all romance fans like myself. Scoundrel of My Heart is a historical regency-era romance readers do not want to miss!

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