Review: Stalling for Time

Stalling for Time (Kiss & Tell, #1)


Formerly published in 2013 under the title “A Kiss by Design,” this book has been extensively revised from the original.

When Emily finds an engagement ring in her best friend Dylan’s backpack, she panics and tries to stop him from marrying a girl he barely knows. When his brother asks for help planning a surprise proposal, Dylan knows it’s time to bury his feelings and finally let Emily go. When Emily accidentally puts them in a compromising position, will Dylan reveal his long-buried feelings, or will Emily realize she’s dating the wrong brother?

Rating: 5-stars


Stalling for Time by Christy Hayes is my new all-time favorite contemporary romance novel. I loved the humor, the undeniable attraction between friends, the secrets, and the intense scenes. The whole story had many plotlines that connected and were just ready to explode. They all connected and caused for an explosive yet fierce read. There are the bonds that brothers have and the bonds that best of friends have. I felt sympathy for the brother who loved the woman for such a long time only to finally get a chance. This chance brings all kinds of hell and chaos. Emotions are flying high and the scenes are epic! I was hooked! Christy Hayes writes an addictive story that pulls me from my seat into her book. Once I started to read this book, I was a goner. I loved the instant chemistry. The friends-to-lovers theme worked well. This is the first novel to a brand new series. It’s hot, fast, and emotionally engaging. every second was a wild rollercoaster ride that left me beginning for more. I cannot wait to read the next book in this Kiss & Tell series. Overall, it was the best contemporary romance novel. Drama, action, and heat all in one superb read.

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