Review: One Step to You

One Step to You (Rome, #1)


From an international bestselling author, this modern romance story explores whether distance and separation can ever keep true love apart.

One Step to You has captured the hearts of millions and garnered a dedicated fan base across the world. In this first novel in the internationally bestselling trilogy, published for the first time in English, two teenagers spend the best days of their lives together, but belonging to opposite worlds may eventually tear them apart forever. Just as in every other place in the world, teenagers in Rome, Italy, forge their own path separate from their parents. Some are hardworking and studious like Babi, a young girl waiting to find the love of her life. Then there are bad boys like Step, who are from the wrong side of the tracks. The Romeo and Juliet of their time, Babi and Step are from different worlds, want different things, but cannot help falling in love. Although their relationship won’t be easy, their love may be the best thing to ever happen to them.

Rating: 5-stars


One Step to You by Federico Moccia is a modern day like Romeo & Juliet story. Two young people who are not meant to be together, get together even knowing their time may not last forever. They take whatever time they can with each other. Unlike the classic, this couple wasn’t in love at first sight. Step is a bad boy who falls for the beauty, Babi, at first sight. He wants her. It’s funny how he even admits to himself that he and Babi don’t belong. This whole book was sad and foreshadowing the entire time. I was intrigued to see if Babi would become a thing with Step. Babi is the good girl who keeps pushing him away at first. It took a lot before Babi really liked Step. But being a typical man, Step ruins his relationships with Babi. I like how I felt and knew what Step was thinking. I got to read the story from his point of view. The ending was heartbreaking and leads me to wandering what’s next. I want to read the next book, not because this were a perfectly developed book, but because the characters’ messed up lives makes me want to know what their future holds. This book’s best selling point is the it’s character and emotionally driven. I didn’t like the actions so much of the protagonists. However, I still ended up hook and can’t wait for book two.

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