Review: The Girl from the Attic

The Girl from the Attic


Maddy Rose lives in two worlds. A hundred years apart. In the same strange house built as an octagon. When a mysterious black cat leads her into its unknown attic, she meets Clare and his very sick sister Eva. Together Maddy and Clare jump into a money-making scheme in his uncle’s dangerous soap factory to buy a cure for Eva. But an unexpected tragedy befalls them. And then Maddy is pulled back into her own time to confront the premature birth of her own sister. Will Maddy be able to deal with hardships of two lives? Will the skills she learned in the past help her solve the problems of the present? Can the strange shape of the house make a difference? As the Girl from the Attic, Maddy must rise to the challenges of both worlds in order to find her own place in the life of the octagon.

Rating: 5-stars


The Girl from the Attic by Marie Prins is an entertaining read. It instantly connects me to the characters and their story. I love Maddy. She’s struggling with the new life that has and the one that she finds. Maddy’s mom remarries, is having a baby, and then the secret world from the attic give Maddy a lot to think about in life. She ends up seeing things from a different perspective. The tale is heartfelt and interesting. An adventure within another adventure. I like how easy it was to be in Maddy’s world and then follow her to another one. Full of surprises, The Girl from the Attic is a great read for middle grade and above. Fantasy, adventure, and action can be found in this exciting read.

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