Review: Adulting by Liz Talley



USA Today bestselling author Liz Talley’s emotional and heart-lifting novel about facing the past, unconditional love, and a woman on the verge of a breakthrough.

After another all-night bender, one more failed stint at rehab, and a parole violation, self-destructive actress Chase London has to deal with her demons. She’s been written off as a Hollywood casualty by almost everyone, including her own mother. But handsome superstar Spencer Rome has her back. So does an uncompromising stranger determined to start Chase at square one and help her pull her future into focus. If Chase is willing.

Life coach Olivia Han is devoted to “adulting” boot camp therapy. It’s not just her professional specialty, though—it’s also one way to avoid focusing on building a life of her own. To escape the pressures of Tinseltown, the two women head to Olivia’s cabin in the wilds of Northern California. There they discover a place in need of TLC. As they work together to rehab the once-charming cabin, they create a refuge where Chase can come to terms with her unsettled past, and where Olivia has an unexpected reckoning with her own troubling history.

For two women doing damage control, this is a time for second chances—in life, in finding love, in forgiving family, and in an emerging friendship that might be exactly what each of them needs to heal.

Rating: 5-stars


Adulting by Liz Talley is a great women’s fiction novel. Inside, I met two different women. Each one has her own issues. One is getting help for hers, the other is pushing hers aside. However, the other woman, aka patient ends up coaching her coach. They both do not realize yet but they have huge impacts on each others’ lives. I enjoyed following the characters as they navigated through through problems both together and individually. It was quite an interesting read. There was an emotional journey that pulled me closer to the female protagonists. Liz Talley is a superb writer with contemporary issues. Her characterization and dialogue made this a good book. Overall, if you love reading about characters facing huge obstacles and overcoming them, this is a must read for you. I definitely recommend it to all.

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