Review: The Devil’s Song

The Devil's Song


Kate Magda, an up-and-coming prosecutor and the privileged daughter of the politically connected President Judge Tommy Magda, has been given the assignment of a lifetime–lead prosecutor on a string of murders rocking Mission County, Pennsylvania. Kate views the assignment as her chance to not only convict a serial killer, but to make a name for herself–one other than “the judge’s daughter.” She is determined to show her boss, her family, and the public that she is more than her father’s shadow.

As Kate delves into the case, she becomes convinced that she shares a personal link with the killer, who seems to know intimate details about a tragic childhood event Kate suffered–an event she thought she’d left in the past. It’s the way the victims are being posed–naked and dumped in open graves. Paranoia sets in, the night terrors return, and Kate has an imminent sense that she’s the killer’s next victim. Kate no longer feels assigned to the case…she is the case, and solving it is her only chance for survival. 

Rating: 5-stars


The Devil’s Song by Lauren Stahl is a dark secretive suspense thriller. A woman’s past is coming back to haunt her through a current court case. Somehow, she is connected and things are about to escalate out of control. Intense, mysterious, and engaging, Lauren Stahl has created a book that made me to want to dig deeper. Who is the killer, why is Kate connected, how will she prove herself when a killer seems intent on getting her-all of these questions triggered my curiosity. I was captivated. I needed to know more and all the gory details. Trauma from the past links to the present case. Kate is a strong female protagonist. She’s willing to find answers and to prove her worth. I liked her a lot. The whole plot was character driven. I enjoyed the dark chilling scenes that left me wondering what would happen next. This book’s ending was also suspenseful. I won’t say much more other then that I cannot wait to read the next novel. The Devil’s Song is similar to thrillers by writers such as Cara Putnam and Michael Cordell.

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