Review: A Wedding on Lilac Lane

A Wedding on Lilac Lane (Moonlight Bay #4)


After leaving her old life behind and starting over for good, a former country star finds herself at odds with a handsome new man. But is he the enemy . . . or her only ally?

Musician Ella McMillan can’t believe she just walked away from her life. So long, boyfriend. Goodbye, country music career. Coming home to Magnolia Harbor could be a fresh start with her mom—until Ella discovers that her mother is getting married again. Now Ella’s been roped into planning an engagement party with the groom’s utterly gorgeous and infuriatingly buttoned-up son. Fortunately, they have one thing in common, even if they don’t agree on what to do about it . . .

Dr. Dylan Killough strongly objects to his father’s upcoming marriage. He’ll do almost anything to sabotage the engagement, and he needs Ella’s help. But despite her own feelings, Ella is determined to throw the perfect party and give her mother the wedding of her dreams. Between sampling party hors d’oeuvres and visiting romantic wedding venues, sparks are suddenly flying between Ella and Dylan-and Dylan is questioning everything he thought he knew about relationships. Now can he convince Ella that he believes in happily-ever-afters after all?

Rating: 5-stars


A Wedding on Lilac Lane by Hope Ramsey is for fans of Susan Mallery, Debbie Macomber, and Robyn Carr. I love stories that are heartfelt and engaging. This novel was exactly that plus, more. It showed that love is everything. Family and friends are crucial. They are their for all the good and bad moments in our lives. These two families are hilarious and sweet. They find they have more in common every day. Both Ella and Dylan want the best for their single parents. Ella finds out that Dylan’s dad is exactly what her mother needed. Dylan does not think Ella’s mom really likes him and also thinks she is bad for his dad. Dylan does not believe the upcoming marriage between their parents should happen. Yet as he spends time with the woman is is his opposite, he comes to find that maybe, they do belong after all.

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