Review: She Lost Her Muse

She Lost Her Muse (The Maypole Artists, #1)


Poppy believes she’s a nobody without Meagan, her best friend since childhood.

They’re college roommates, majoring in fine art with high aspirations of becoming successful artists. But Poppy’s world shatters when she’s suspended one semester before graduating.

Her controlling father, Pastor Wayne, sends her away to live in her mother’s abandoned, soon to be condemned, home place while it’s being repaired.The same home place he’s forbidden his wife to visit, except for funerals, since they’ve been married.

Alone in a new town, in the rural mountains of North Carolina, Poppy struggles to begin again. She convinces her reserved mother to share stories about her family’s past. She visits a nearby art gallery and develops a schoolgirl crush on the owner. She attends a local watercolor class, makes new artist friends and is dismayed by the instructor. She tells no one of her reoccurring dreams, but with the help of Liam, the town handyman, she begins to face issues leading to her own healing.

Will Poppy have the courage to stop living in Meagan’s shadow, develop her own beliefs and accept her true muse hidden away in long-buried family secrets?

Rating: 5-stars


She Lost Her Muse is the debut novel by June Rollins. This book was a must read for me. After reading it, I recommend it to everyone. It is about a young woman is in college doing her art degree. Poppy is a talented artist. She is very hard working, caring, and and determined individual. She lives with a roommate in college. The roommate is her friend. Well, it might have been friendship at first; however, it grew into a nightmare. Poppy jokes about her art to her friend. The next thing that happens is the art work is being entered as being done by the so-called friend. That’s not all the trouble that is brought to Poppy. The drama, chaos, and relationships made this an entertaining tale. I was surprised. It’s heartfelt, realistic, and educational too. Inside are some art terms and techniques which were cool. I loved how this writer brought to life her art world and wrote a beautiful fictional story. One that I finished way too fast. I found myself digging deeper into Poppy and her life. What makes her unique and what makes her a good protagonist…she was a likable character. I cannot wait to read more books by this new writer. June Rollins artistic talent is clear in her well-crafted novel and in her own artwork. Overall, this is a perfect contemporary summer read.

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