Review: The Diva Spices It Up

The Diva Spices It Up (A Domestic Diva Mystery, #13)


She’s a young Martha Stewart…in Old Town Virginia!
New York Times bestselling author Krista Davis delights with the 13th in her enormously popular and completely charming Domestic Diva Mystery series. When a celebrity ghostwriter dies on the job, it’s up to Sophie Winston, Old Town, Virginia’s favorite entertaining expert and sporadic sleuth, to whip up an impromptu investigation…

Sophie never considered ghostwriting as a side gig, until former actress and aspiring lifestyle guru, Tilly Stratford, trophy wife of Wesley Winthrope, needs someone to write her celebrity cookbook. Sophie agrees, hoping she’ll earn enough bread on this assignment to finish her bathroom renovations. But as it turns out, Sophie isn’t the first foodie to get a taste for recipe ghostwriting, and if the marginalia are any indication, this project could be a killer…

Wesley claims professional ghostwriter, Abby Bergeron, suddenly abandoned Tilly’s cookbook with no warning. But Sophie quickly discovers that Abby may be more ghost than writer now…and her disappearance was no accident. So Sophie cracks open a fresh investigation but sifting the seasoned murderer from this sampling of salty suspects won’t be easy. Will Sophie savor another case closed or will the culprit simply melt away?

Rating: 5-stars


The Diva Spices It Up by Krista Davis is a laugh-out-loud and intriguing murder mystery. I loved the heroine. Sophie is divorced from her husband Wesley. Wesley and Sophie share the custody of their lovable dog. Sophie has been working herself like a busy bee and looking forward to some down time. That’s when her ex-husband comes in with an offer of good money. But Sophie is not really wanting to take on another job at the moment. However, the offer is tempting. Then there’s the luggage that belongs to a woman that was recently found, and the ghostwriter who quit, and now there’s more trouble. Murder, mayhem, and utter chaos breaks out in Sophie’s world. She is not the type of woman who backs away from a challenge. Sophie is a bright woman who does the right thing. Once she’s hooked, she is in it all the way. Following Sophie as the drama and investigation build up, so does the intense yet deadly atmosphere. This novel was a great who done it type of read. Overall, it is fun, engaging, and mysterious. Action-packed mystery with great characters all inside this incredible novel.

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