Review: Hart’s Hollow Farm

Hart's Hollow Farm


For some folks in small-town Georgia, Hart’s Hollow farm has seen better days. But for the Hart family matriarch, it’s a home worth fighting for . . .

From the moment Kristen Daniels arrives at Hart’s Hollow, the place speaks to her soul. So when seventy-three-year-old Emmy Hart asks Kristen to help return the farm to its former glory, Kristen accepts–despite her fears about getting involved with Emmy–or the two kids in Emmy’s care. Then there’s the matter of Emmy’s ruggedly handsome grandson, who stirs feelings Kristen believed were long gone . . .

When Mitch Hart left home at age eighteen, he thought he’d kicked the red dust off his boots forever. But he’s haunted by his violent upbringing and the loss of the sister he couldn’t save. Now he’s determined to see his orphaned niece and nephew settled in a better life. Emmy’s ideas about saving the farm only convince Mitch that his grandmother is as crazy as everyone in town suspects. Everyone except the beauty helping her sow the land. Something about Kristen’s spirit has Mitch sticking around–and wondering if he’s gone a little crazy himself. Because suddenly he’s hoping he might just find happiness in the very place he left behind . . .

Praise for Refuge Cove

“Diverse and compelling characters share the page with Alaska’s gorgeous landscape, and this love story is sweet with just a dash of spice.” –RT Book Reviews (4 Stars) 

Rating: 5-stars


Hart’s Hollow Farm by Janet Dailey is a super cute story. It is a deep, emotional, heart-tugging tale. One that is highly centered on family, forgiveness, and unconditional love. Mitch is a man whose father abused him and his sister. He beat Mitch up and made his childhood one he wished he could forget. His grandma, Emmy, always believed that Mitch’s father would become a better person. So, she kept welcoming his abusive father back to the farm house. But it never ended well. Mitch’s sister has two kids and died. Her kids are raised by their great grandma, Emmy. Emmy is a sweet woman who hopes for the best in those she loves. She takes family seriously. Mitch wants her to sell the farm that caused him pain. The farm is down on it’s glory days. But Emmy believes it still has the magic to become what she knows would be a miracle. She ends up hiring a woman to help her. The woman is running away from pain. Kristen lost her daughter due to cancer. Kristen always thought that her daughter would get better. Being around Emmy and her great grandchildren brings up the pain of losing her daughter. However, spending time helping with the kids and the farm, Kristen is falling in love with them all. She too believes the farm can be better. But it will take a lot of work, patience, and TLC. Janet Dailey creates a book with such vibrant characters. I got lost within their story. It was one epic journey with an ending that melted my heart. I look forward to reading more contemporary romance novels in the future. This writer has talent that brings fiction to life.

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