Review: Vigilante’s Revenge

Vigilante's Revenge: a novel


Someone has been shooting at buildings and a vehicle with a rifle while they are unoccupied. The bullets used are from an assault rifle. Within a week of each shooting, the victims receive a letter warning them to stop selling assault rifles, or next time something more valuable will be shot at. At the same time as the shooting cases, Police Detective Dick Weslowski is also trying to solve cases of explosions at drug deals. Police receive a call about a drug deal in progress before each explosion which injures the suspects with BBs. With Dick’s ever-increasing case load, he has less time to spend on each case. At Dick’s Friday night poker games, two of the players each have lost a child to gun violence. Often at the poker games they discuss gun control and the need for laws to change. Dick and his fellow detectives look for witnesses, figure out motives, and search for suspects in their effort to solve the mysteries of the crimes.

Rating: 4-stars


Vigilante’s Revenge by Fred Wascura is a great read. It has the police procedures down to perfection. I enjoyed the characters especially, Dick Weslowski. He is the leading police detective on the building cases of random gun shootings and bomb explosives. The bad guy is creative, smart, and bids his time. The dialogue made the characters come to life. I liked how I got an insider’s view to the killer creating his killer machine and destroying the evidence. The ending was a cliff hanger. It made me want to know what is in stored for the criminal and the detective. This is a mystery/ crime fiction read. The writer, Fred Wascura created a story that felt real. He definitely knows about how investigations and police procedures work. It’s obvious he did a lot of research or has worked in that field. Overall, I do recommend this book to readers everywhere. The only down side to this book was the pacing. I wish it had a bit of a faster tempo; however, it was still entertaining to follow. Danger, intrigue, politics and unknown threats can be found in this new release. If you are a fan of Catherine Coulter’s FBI thrillers, you will definitely enjoy this book.

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