Review: The Scot Who Loved Me

The Scot Who Loved Me (Scottish Treasures, #1)


The first in a daring new Scottish historical series about a woman determined to return Scottish treasures to the Highlands and the only man who can help her—the lover she once abandoned.

Proud Scot Will MacDonald sits in prison for wearing his kilt. He’s determined to leave England as soon as he’s released, but his plans go awry when a mysterious woman enters his cell, promising freedom and gold.

Anne Fletcher never thought she’d see her former lover again. She knows Will hasn’t forgiven her for leaving him so many years ago, but to accomplish her league’s mission, she needs him by her side. Stealing the Treasure of Lock Arkaig from English hands and returning it to the Highlands where it belongs is no easy feat. But with Will’s help, they can achieve the impossible, even if being with him is as painful as it is pleasurable.

Taking back the fortune could mean death, but after being parted from Anne for so long, Will can’t leave her side. As they work together to steal the treasure from watchful eyes, will they return to their lonely lives, or will they risk everything for a love they thought was lost forever?

Rating: 5-stars


The Scot Who Loved Me by Gina Conkle is a daring, bold, and dangerous story. A book of second chances. The characters share a past history. One that I got only a glimpse of and one that still runs deep in them both. The desire never left. Both have been loved and broken. Each one now has something they could lose. It was not just their hearts on the line but their lives. The English versus the Scots. A strong man who rebelled and lost, defied the English rules and wore his kilt, and the one who kept getting his fine butt locked up in a cell. Then there’s the reckless, brave, and beautiful sass who dares to buy him. He is set free but he really escapes one hell and enters another one. Neither one got over the heartache they share in common. He hurt her and she ran off on him. Now, the pain simmers and boils. His love burns like hot coals. So does her love for him. It was funny and charming to follow them as they bantered. Oh, those banters were fun! Full of passion, wit, and sass. These two head strong protagonists were amazing. Their journey was deadly, dangerous, and secretive. Overall, I loved this historical romance novel. The dialogue, the accents, the culture and time period were done well.

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