Review: Mockingbird in Mark Twain’s Hat

Mockingbird in Mark Twain's Hat


Mockingbird in Mark Twain’s Hat, is an adventure story full of animals that talk. Wynne is a precocious mockingbird born in the rural south in the late 1800s. His whole family are singers, but at four days old, he wants to be a novelist just like his hero, Mark Twain. When crows attack his nest, he’s swept away on an epic adventure along the Mississippi River. Wynne learns to read and write, makes new friends in surprising places, and is mentored by Mark Twain himself. Full of delightful quotes from Mark Twain, this novel for children ages 8-12 shines with important lessons of character, perseverance, love, and the importance of friendship.

Rating: 5-stars


Mockingbird in Mark Twain’s Hat by Kaia Alexander is a great adventure story with a Mark Twain approach. I loved how easy-to-read this book was. I enjoyed the many exciting adventures that the little Wynne, mockingbird went through as the pages flew by. I enjoyed the southern dialect that is commonly found in Mark Twain’s books. Children and even adults will love this sweet story. Any fan of classics will enjoy reading Kaia Alexander’s book.

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed ‘Mockingbird in Mark Twain’s Hat!” I loved it as well and think it could make a great series.

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