Review: Forever Friends

Forever Friends (Cranberry Cove #1)


Fans of Virgin River and Sweet Magnolias will love this charming, relatable beach read about a single mother finding love and friendship where she least expects it.
Single mom Renee Rhodes seems like a woman who has it all together—perfect house, perfect kid, perfect yard. But now that her daughter is away at college, she doesn’t know what to do next. Without weekly PTA meetings and after-school chauffeur duty, Renee isn’t sure who she is anymore. What she is sure of is that she probably shouldn’t be crushing on her new boss, who couldn’t possibly be interested in a middle-aged mom . . .
Sadie Landry is drowning in the stay-at-home mom life. With a toddler running wild, a husband who is growing more distant by the day, and a mother-in-law who has a comment on every-little-thing, Sadie is one mommy-and-me class away from losing it. When she learns that she is pregnant again, Sadie knows that something has to change for the sake of her family—and her sanity.
After a birthday party bake-a-thon nearly turns into a three-alarm fire, Renee comes to her neighbor Sadie’s rescue with comfort, competence, and a killer pie recipe. With their unlikely friendship and a newly hatched plan to open a bakery, can Sadie and Renee finally have the lives they’ve always dreamed of?

Rating: 5-stars


Forever Friends by Sarah Mackenzie is the first book to a wonderful series. A contemporary romance/women’s fiction read that is fun, hilarious, and one epic roller-coaster ride. It is well-written. The characters were charming, down-to-earth, realistic like people. It was easy connecting with them and liking them more as the story kept moving. Then, there’s the witty dialogue and back and forth banters between the couples. Single mom Renee is worried about losing her daughter and losing her heart to a man that may not love her back. Renee is best friends with another woman, Sadie. Sadie has a young son and a husband away on business. Sadie feels alone. She wants to go into business with Renee. But her husband turns her idea down. Doubts fill both women’s minds. Renee’s love interest pushes her into going after her business idea. However, she does not think it’s because he believes in her. All in all, I enjoyed following each of these women as they found their way through all of life’s drama and troubles. Friendship, love, and parenting can be found in this perfect summer read.

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