Review: A Night with a Rogue

A Night with a Rogue (Holt Sisters Trilogy #1-2)


From the elegant halls of the Paris ballet to a sleepy country village, these stunning, sensual historical romances are guaranteed to bring your wildest fantasies to life.

Beauty and the Spy
The sleepy village of Barnstable is the last place where London darling Susannah Makepeace expected to be stuck. But after tragedy forces her into exile, Susannah finds herself in all manner of unexpected situations . . . including stumbling upon a handsome man swimming naked in a pond! But Viscount Kit Whitelaw is not the dissolute rake he appears. For when odd accidents endanger Susannah, who better than the best spy in His Majesty’s secret service to unravel the secrets threatening her?

Ways to be Wicked
Sylvie Lamoureux is the darling of the Paris ballet. But a chance to find her lost family sends her fleeing across the English Channel—and into the arms of the notorious Tom Shaughnessy. Sylvie knows better than to fall for Tom’s charming face, yet when a twist of fate places her in his bawdy world of theater, desire grows between them . . . until Sylvie’s secret past forces her to make a decision. Will she bring down the curtain on their fiery pas de deux . . . or trust this wicked man with her heart?

Rating: 5-stars


A Night with a Rogue by Julie Anne Long describes both of the novels in this book. Each story features a part of a grand mystery/adventure. A family is torn apart by one evil man. A husband knowing something might happen to him, had portraits of his wife made up for each of his daughters to have. On the back they give a little clue to each daughter and to their family name. The dreadful day comes and they are separated from each other. None of the girls got to be with their mother. The mother is being falsely charged for a crime she never committed. Thus, she and her daughters flee separately. This was to ensure their safety. Now, the girls are grown adults and face new challenges that connect to their past. A night with a rogue mentions two of the three sisters. I find it both intriguing and exciting. Julie Anne Long creates an epic journey full of emotionally charged scenes. I love the characters. The sisters and their men have made me laugh and cry so much. I rooted for them all. This is a romance adventure I will never forget. Family, friends, secrets and scandals-Julie Anne Long’s books are the best! I am looking forward to reading the next two books in this amazing series. It’s addictive, fun, and charming.

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