Review: A Lowcountry Bride

A Lowcountry Bride


A heartwarming Avon debut of love, forgiveness, and new beginnings set in the beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry.

Maya Jackson has worked for Laura Whitcomb, Inc, a renowned New York City bridal gown brand, for years and dreams of becoming Head Designer. She has the talent; she just needs a chance to showcase her unique style. Due to an illness, she’s always prioritized her career over her personal life until her father fractures his hip and Maya returns to Charleston, South Carolina. While home for only a few months, she’s thrilled to find an opportunity at the local bridal gown boutique, never expecting sparks to fly with its owner…

A military veteran and widowed father, Derek Sullivan hopes to save Always a Bride from bankruptcy in order to preserve the legacy of his mother. He also wants to reconnect with his estranged, twelve-year-old daughter, who is still recovering from the loss of her mother. The last thing he needs is a relationship with a beautiful, smart, complicated woman who will be leaving soon.

When Derek begins to fall for the lovely Maya, he knows there’s no future. But destiny has its own plans, and these two lonely people with big hearts discover that coming home to love is the best gift life can give. 

Rating: 4-stars


A Lowcountry Bride by Preslaysa Williams is a charming southern story filled with hope. A father is struggling with keeping his legacy open and struggling in handling his daughter. She just lost her mother and now, her world is never the same. Neither is her dad’s life. Then, comes Maya Jackson. She has her own set of issues. One her cultural ways of designing are not accepted in the big businesses and she has an illness. To top it all off, her father broke his hip and she moved back home to help him. Maya wants to follow her dream of designing and be able to be treated as a normal human being. However, her illness makes that nearly impossible. People treat her like she is not strong enough. Yet Maya now, has the chance to show people how strong she can be. This was a great story. One that showed no matter what obstacles lay ahead, one can still achieve their dreams. I loved how sweet this tale was. The characters had this way of pulling me deeper into their emotional mess that may or may not have settled like they wanted. Overall, it is a deep, engaging, heartfelt novel.

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