Review: Not the Kind of Earl You Marry

Not the Kind of Earl You Marry (The Unconventional Ladies of Mayfair, #1)


Fans of Netflix’s Bridgerton series will adore this stunning historical romance debut, where a wary wallflower enters a fake engagement with one of London’s most eligible bachelors.

The one woman in London who doesn’t want to marry him is now his fiancée.

William Atherton, Earl of Norwood, is as shocked as the rest of London to discover his betrothal via an announcement in the morning paper. Furious at what appears to be a shrewd marriage trap, William tracks down his alleged fiancée before her plans can affect his campaign for a coveted political post. But then William realizes an engagement, however fake, may benefit them both…

Miss Charlotte Hurst may be a wallflower, but she’s no shrinking violet. She would never attempt such an underhanded scheme, especially not with a man as haughty or sought-after as Norwood. Yet his suggestion to play along with the betrothal has its merits… and the longer they pretend, the more undeniably real their feelings become. But when the true culprit behind their engagement is revealed, can their newfound happiness survive the scandal?

Rating: 5-stars


Not the Kind of Earl You Marry by Kate Pembrooke is an amazing journey! First there is an earl who is in line for a big government job. Someone, mostly likely his enemy has pronounced him and a bluestocking female as engaged. Only none of it is true! Norwood originally thought that the bluestocking, aka Charlotte was the one who tried trapping him into a marriage. However, he soon finds he badly judged the young woman and caused for her to hate him. Her ire and indifference to his money and title intrigue this earl. Every other woman wants to marry him except her. Norwood convinces Charlotte to accept the crazy scheme as though it were true to save both their faces in society. After he gets the letter of acceptance, if he gets it, they can then quietly break it off. Charlotte wants nothing to due with the conceited earl. He is highly attractive, but she will not let him win her heart. They both find that their first assumptions of each other are wrong. There’s more to each of them and it was fun learning all their secrets. As time goes on with their farce, they end up feelings not so fake feelings towards each other. Afraid to lose their hearts, they try pushing each other away. Norwood starts off on that plan well, until Charlotte completely breaks down all his protective walls. Soon, their enemy makes a stand and it will cause a huge scandal. I loved the charming earl and his quick intelligence. He has a big heart of gold. The heroine is strong, quick with her replies, and is a bookworm. She is a big advocate for women having equal rights. Norwood wants to help those who are less fortunate and to keep the people from suffering at the hands of the wrong government official. Together, these two characters, have won my heart over and over again. They made this adventure back in time, a wonderful trip. I laughed and rooted for them both. Sweet, funny, and scandalous-this was a perfect historical regency romance story!

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