Review: Blood Red

Blood Red (Alliance Vampires #8)


What better place than The Big Easy for a wild bachelorette weekend?

When a fortune-teller shows bridesmaid Lauren Crow an omen of her gruesome death, she and her friends laugh it off as cheesy theatrics–until women begin disappearing in the night.

Even as the streets become more dangerous, Lauren finds herself lusting after a man who is himself dangerous– and quite possibly crazy. Mark Davidson prowls the city by night armed with crosses and holy water, in search of vampires, whose existence, he insists, is real. He is as irresistibly drawn to Lauren as she is to him, and not only because she’s the image of his murdered fiancee. But Mark’s frightening obsession with finding his lover’s killer merely hides a bitter vendetta that cuts deeper than grief over a lost love.

As Lauren wrestles with desire and disbelief, sinister shadows lengthen over New Orleans, threatening her friends and foretelling a battle that may spell the end of the city’s uneasy truce between the living and the undead. 

Rating: 5-stars


Blood Red by Heather Graham is part of an older series that I just discovered when reading this book. I love Heather Graham’s paranormal romantic suspense writing style. She includes plenty of suspense, action-packed scenes, and deadly moments. I never know how a book will end but I love digging through the intense dark moments. There are moments of laughter, teasing, and camaraderie too. Trust is a huge step. Humans unknown of the dangers that live in their world. One time of fun can lead to a dangerous journey of survival. An old enemy comes back to haunt and torment the hero of this story. The heroine is frightened and skeptical at first. That is believable especially, with what is to come. Then, as the plot unfolds, she’s tired of being the victim. She knows the enemy won’t stop and she won’t give in…readers are in for an interesting fight. Overall, this novel has all of Heather Graham’s brilliant trademarks. I highly recommend her books to all readers. There is plenty to love…


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