Review: Breathe by Elena Kravchenko



He has to look back to see tomorrow.

December 26, 2004: The Indian Ocean tsunami has flooded great swathes of western Thailand.

Carl’s best friend and his wife are missing. He travels from London to Thailand to discover what has happened to them, only to learn there is nothing one man can do in the devastation the wave left behind. What started as an impulsive quest ends up with him examining the very essence of his being.

A unique combination of an action-packed quest for truth and a philosophical exploration of life’s deeper meaning, Breathe is a poignant, tense and intelligently written story that will have you contemplating its meaning and message long after you have reached the final page.

‘A page-turner with high psychological stakes’ – Kirkus Reviews

‘A harrowing, profound and intensely emotional tale of loss and hope’ – Johanna Gustawsson, author of the international best-seller Roy & Castells books; soon to be a major TV series

Rating: 5-stars


Breathe by Elena Kravchenko is amazing! This romantic suspense was action-packed from the beginning. The hero learns about events and soon grows weary. He then searches for the answers only to have more questions. The leads he has are not much and it gives him more determination to keep looking until he finds the missing people. Instantly, I am pulled into the hero’s life. He has a way of luring me further into his story. I wanted to see him succeed. The fight to find them is full of grief, loss, and hope. I loved how he moved through each step and came out stronger in the end. Breathe is well-written and well-developed. The characters big and small were interesting. Overall, I want to read more by Elena Kravchenko.

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