Q&A with Children’s Author Mary Elizabeth Jackson

Q: Choose three words to describe your writing style.
When writing for children my writing style is creative, imaginative, and free-spirited. I love writing from the
the perspective of the child. Their world is full of so much wonder and I really enjoy writing in this

Q: What inspired you to create this story? 
The series was inspired by my late in life surprise son. I had a tough pregnancy at the end and after
he and I both survived and recovered, one day while I was nursing him is when the first book was
born. We thought he might not make it and the doctors prepared us that he might have brain damage
and not walk. He is a true miracle. When I was in a moment of complete gratitude is when the first
book came to me. I was inspired to write about accepting our children no matter how they come into
this world and helping them accept themselves just as they are.

Q: When did you begin writing your children’s book: Poohlicious: Oh, The Wonder of Me? 
This is the third book in the series that Thornton and I wrote it in 2018/2019. It follows the journey of
Poohlicious as he grows. This book is for children ages four through eight and focuses on the silly,
funny, and sometimes challenges children face at those ages helping them to see the positive’s about
where they are in life.

Q: Who are the characters that readers will meet in this new book?
Poohlicious includes all children and is the embodiment of the innocence and wonder of childhood.
Characters include children of different nationalities and show what children are doing and going
through at that these stages of life. Wearing shoes on the wrong feet, hair that goes everywhere even
after it is brushed, tags hanging out of clothes, and doing things their own way are just a few of the
experiences a child will read about in Oh the Wonder of Me.

Q: Tell us, readers, about your protagonist.
One of the protagonists in this book is Mommy and that no matter what “Mommy says I am
Perfectly made. That’s what my Mommy says.” We see our children and all their perfections and flaws
and we love them and that is the role of “Mommy” in each of the books in this series.

We want children to accept themselves, their friends, and other’s differences.
Each child is also a protagonists because they are helping to teach the lessons for all children of this
age range. It is very healthy for children to be taught at an early age that even though there may be
differences they can learn to accept them and others and to know they are not the only one going
through different stages of growth that may feel or seem awkward.

Q: What other books are you working on, if any?
I am getting my middle grade reader, Cheers from Heaven, ready to release in October 2021. I am
very excited and this is a book the whole school and individual students can apply the lessons and
tools everyday and use for projects. It has a great story line students can grow and learn from. I am
also presently working on an eight-book series for children that will include mindfulness, social skills,
and tools for children to use every day. I am a special needs and disabilities advocate so I want to
include teaching that can help all children with or without challenges. I am finishing up a motivational
book for adults that will come out next year as well. Releasing this month on Amazon are two
anthologies I am a part of: The Fearless Entrepreneurs and Invisible No More; Invincible Forever
More. Both books are filled with inspirational stories and advice from a group of amazing men and

Q: What themes will readers find in your story?
Readers will find themes about accepting ourselves and others just as we are. Taking responsibility
and ownership for our actions so we can grow and be the best version of ourselves. I think it’s important to give children positive language at an early age. In My Poohlicious series each book contains an I AM page in it so parents, caregivers can get started early in their life with that empowering tool. Teaching children how to motivate and inspire their friends instead of tearing them down is invaluable in their lives. There are also themes of how to understand our emotions, process them, and heal.

Q: How did you get into the children’s fiction genre?
Poetry is my first love so I feel like I fell into this genre because of my life experience and having a
baby so late in life. It helped me become so passionate about teaching, helping children learn
empowering tools and language, and using silly stories to do it. This is a world that is easy for me to
write about because I am still raising children and I am inspired everyday by them. I see stories to
write all of the time.

Q: What other genres are you thinking of writing?
I am writing for adults as well and want to publish some poetry at some point. In the next year I will be
writing some true-life stories about a very difficult experience one of my children went through and the
battle our family faced as well as my journey trying to change law. And I will write about the spiritual
experiences and journey that I and others have lived being an empath and intuitive. I am grateful to
have lots of interests and things I want to write about.

Q: What was the journey like for you in creating Poohlicious: Oh, The Wonder of Me?
It has been a very long journey from start to being where we are right now. From the time of concept
to a book finally being published especially when you have several different people involved takes
patience. Writing is the easy part. I could write children’s books every day but you have to wait for the
illustrator to do her or his part then you have to wait to find a publisher unless you are self-publishing
your book. There have been bumps along the way like changing publishers and the pandemic that held this books publication up. I am so grateful for Tuscany Bay Books and Creative Edge Publicity for standing behind this book series.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring writers in your genre?
My best advice is if you want to write for children then hang out with children. To write a really good
children’s book you have to be where they are in life. A place full of wonder and curiosity. And
everything is larger than life. Using silly nonsense words is always a hit and writing from the viewpoint
of the child will capture their attention more.

Audition your illustrator and don’t be afraid to say this won’t work if their work does not match up
with what you are trying to do or portray in your book. Sometimes you have to go through a few artists to find
to find the perfect one for your project. When the fit is right it will flow between you and the artists.

Q: Where can readers find you and your books online?
can be found as well as my books at www.maryejackson.com. All of my books are on amazon.

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