Review: QWERTY, The Forgotten Typewriter


In this day and age, being “different” often means being ostracized from society.
This not only happens to people, but to Typewriters as well!


QWERTY used to be the most popular typewriter at the television station until she was replaced by a computer. No longer did fingers dance across her keys. This made QWERTY sad as she was ridiculed and mocked for being different from the newer equipment. That is until a power outage knocked out the computers batteries and QWERTY was summoned to “save the day.”

Children love old typewriters and are intrigued by how they work and the sound they make. They are also very cognizant of the realities of prejudice caused by someone being different from themselves.

QWERTY, The Forgotten Typewriter is a fun, energetic story of a once popular machine being tossed aside, only to be brought back because of her forever usefulness.
We can all learn a lesson on how each of us is unique and valuable.

From the Author and Illustrator of the popular series: LITTLE BIT & BIG BYTE comes a wonderful story about perseverance and self-esteem.

Rating: 5-stars


QWERTY: The Forgotten Typewriter by Craig Feigh is an amazing illustrated book for children. It shows kids what adults used before there were laptops. Laptops do everything electrically and rely on being plugged into the wall at times. This story shows that the old technology like Qwerty need to be kept on hand. Old technology is still a must have. When the new technology fails, the old can sometimes pull us out of the bad times. Qwerty is a cute female typewriter who is bullied by the new tech aka laptops. The story was cute. A moral was shown throughout this tale. I enjoyed it. The pages were bright and colorful. The book was not too baby-ish. Trust me, kids do not like baby books. They will be more engaged with this tale. Also, it is not too complicated. The children will understand it and follow along just fine. As a teacher, I recommend it to all.

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