Review: A Duke Worth Fighting For

A Duke Worth Fighting For (Isle of Synne, #3)


A fake relationship becomes the real thing in this Regency romance from the bestselling author Publishers Weekly calls “irresistible.”

To protect the dukedom from an incompetent and greedy cousin, Daniel Hayle, Duke of Carlisle, has promised to find a bride in London this season. But the idea of facing ballrooms and card parties is as intimidating as any battlefield in France, including the fight at Waterloo that left him terribly scarred. Perhaps a month on the Isle of Synne can provide him with the practice necessary to find a wife who can tolerate him enough to give him an heir.

Margery Kitteridge has been mourning her husband for four years, and while she’s not ready to consider marriage again, she does miss intimacy with a partner. When Daniel asks for help navigating Synne’s social scene, and they accidentally kiss, she realizes he’s the perfect person with whom to have an affair. As they begin to confide in one another, Daniel discovers that he’s unexpectedly connected to Margery’s late husband, and she will have to decide if she can let her old love go for the promise of a new one.

Rating: 5-stars


A Duke Worth Fighting For by Christina Britton is one of the best historical romances I have read! It starts with a Duke who is not interested in traveling to London and going to ballrooms to find a wife. Instead, he meets Margery. She is a widow and a fresh breath of air. There is a strong current of attraction between; however, both seem to push it aside. Daniel does not pursue her because she said she is not looking for a husband. Margery is not pursuing him because he’s now her client. A client who brings in enough to pay off the blackmailer attacking her dead husband’s name. Margery loves her husband. She will not let anyone ruin his name. But their meeting, her and Daniel’s, is not just accidental. It proves to be fate. Christina Britton places a lot of depth into her characters. They pop to life on the pages. Then, there is plenty of action and humor. Last, the growing romance keeps me interested, blushing, and laughing at the same time! Overall, A Duke Worth Fighting For is a book worthy of reading.

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