Review: The Amish Baby Finds a Home

The Amish Baby Finds a Home (Hearts of Lancaster County #2)


In this heartwarming Amish romance, an Amish toymaker and his sweetheart discover the greatest gifts come in the smallest packages.

Between his busy toy shop and the farm he owns with his twin brother, Gideon Troyer’s life is full. Now, the handsome Amish woodworker is ready to share it with someone special, someone like Hannah Stoltzfus, the lovely quilt shop owner a few doors down. Their friendship has already grown into something deeper. But before Gideon can tell Hannah how he really feels, she makes an unexpected discovery in his shop: a baby . . . one who shares an unmistakable Troyer family resemblance.

Hannah has never forgotten the kindness and support Gideon offered when she first opened her shop. So she’s happy to help him care for the sweet abandoned boppli until they find his family. But as they untangle the mystery surrounding the child, Hannah wonders at Gideon’s hesitation to take their relationship to the next level. He’s a natural with the baby, and Hannah can see Gideon’s ready for a familye of his own . . . but can she help him believe it?

Rating: 5-stars


The Amish Baby Finds a Home by Barbara Cameron is filled with humor, joy, and blessings. I love second chance romances and this book has it too! An Amish couple are courting when a baby is left in the Amish man’s toy shop. He needs to find out who the baby belongs to and what to do if he cannot find its parents. He immediately freaks out and and pushes the unwanted baby to his Amish girlfriend. Hannah stands up to him. She puts Gideon in his spot. Those moments are funny because Gideon is helpless with the infant. However, the way he forces Hannah into helping is deeming that just because she’s a woman that she should take care of it. Although, Hannah wants to spend time with the baby she wants Gideon to accept his responsibility since it appears to be his kin. Barbara Cameron brilliantly weaves faith, love, and hope in this heart warming Amish novel.

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