Review: The Double Monetary Hourglass

The Double Monetary Hourglass: 11 strategies for finding balance in money management for students, and eliminating student loan debt quickly during or after college for beginners


The #1 secret to financial freedom — there’s no better time to get started than right now…

Do you find yourself worrying about what you’re going to do once you get out of college?

Even if you do manage to get a good job, how do you plan on paying off your student loans? And what about buying a house, getting a reliable car, and starting a family?

Entering the world of “adulthood” certainly comes with a lot of extra requirements, most of which demand sizable financial investment, but it doesn’t have to be a big scary ordeal. In fact, pursuing all of these goals can even become the most liberating and freeing feeling of your life.

70% of college graduates enter the workforce with over $30,000 in debt. But this doesn’t have to be you — you don’t have to become part of yet another statistic.

Proper money management is the byproduct of a mindset shift. Your relationship with money is the foundation of your financial success, and with the right tools, techniques, and practices, you can achieve the monetary abundance you’ve always dreamt of.

In Money Management The Double Monetary Hourglass, you’ll discover:

  • Never-before-seen insight into the world of finance and budgeting, guaranteed to set you free to pursue your passions in life
  • How to establish a solid financial foundation, and why this will allow you to save no matter how much money you are currently earning
  • Why your desires aren’t the same as your needs, and how to use this information to achieve major savings
  • The #1 difference between rich people and poor people, and how you can become more like the rich
  • The importance of investing before you save (and saving before you spend), and why many often seem to get this wrong
  • Why financial journaling is the key to manifesting abundance, and how you can begin this daily practice today
  • 10 of the easiest ways to generate passive income and earn yourself some side cash while doing next to nothing
  • The 5 best practices for using your money to make more money

… and so much more.

Being financially independent as you walk off that graduation stage is not a far fetched fantasy. This is not a reality reserved solely for those who have very wealthy parents.

You can achieve financial success, even while in school, and can carry this forward with you throughout the rest of your life, earning more and more as you go along — having your money work for you rather than against you.

You don’t have to struggle to pay the bills just because that’s how it is for everyone else you know. You can become something more — you can achieve the furthest extents of your financial desires and live a life completely free of debt.

Rating: 5-stars


The Double Monetary Hourglass by Lou Vachon is amazing for several reasons. One being that he writes in a way that the general population can easily read and understand. Second, he does all of the hard research for those interested in money management. Third, he has so many topics that anyone can use. Whether your a recent grad with a student loan, building up credit, or looking to invest money Lou Vachon has it all well organized in this book. There are multiple ways to build, save, and earn money in this self guide book. Lou Vachon is a writer with prior experience from learning on his own to developing his business. This book like his other ones are easy-to-read. The book is small enough to carry and read anywhere. Overall, this book makes obtaining research and the insider knowledge easier and better. I recommend giving The Double Monetary Hourglass a try!

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