Review: Envious

Envious (Forever Family #1-3)


Dear Reader,
It’s always wonderful to return to a favorite place. That’s how I feel about Bittersweet, Oregon, the fictional setting for my 1990s trilogy, Forever Family, now collected here in one volume with a new title—Envious! I’m delighted to revisit Bittersweet in the company of Bliss, Katie, and Tiffany—three women who’ve just discovered they are half-sisters . . .
Bliss Cawthorne is John Cawthorne’s only legitimate daughter, but her father’s wealth has complicated matters. Mason Lafferty believed he wasn’t good enough for the boss’s daughter and broke Bliss’s heart after saving her life. Yet now he’s back in Bittersweet, determined to make her trust him again.
Tiffany Santini is widowed and struggling to raise two children after a car accident. That doesn’t mean she needs interference from her powerful brother-in-law. And Katie Kincaid is too busy wrangling her rambunctious son to get involved with the enigmatic cowboy next door. Then there’s the mystery at the heart of Bittersweet—the recent disappearance of an elderly local, Isaac Wells, who has vanished without trace, casting a dark cloud over all their lives . . .
Join me in Bittersweet as these three very different, independent women try to escape the shadows of their pasts . . .

Rating: 5-stars


Envious by Lisa Jackson was absolutely thrilling! There was this adrenaline rush from the drama, intrigue, and mystery. Every page was action-packed. The novel had this charming yet engaging allure over me. I was completely sucked into it. All of the three novellas inside were well-written. Brilliantly composed with well-developed characters and the emotional tugs of war, I was in love! Lisa Jackson is indeed the best romantic suspense writer. She placed humor, romance, and mystery into a thrill ride of a book. This is the collection readers should read. It was worth reading every word! Women each with their own life problems find out they share a father. A father who has slept around and caused hell for them and their families and now intends on making mends. He is just as demanding as his former ways. However, their father’s stroke left him wanting to fix things up and love his kids with everything he’s got. The women have to decide if he’s worth the trouble. In the meantime, they have their own problems and sexy yet arrogant men in their lives to handle. I also loved the kids in the family. They added extra drama and humor to an already amazing book.

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