Q&A with Author Jen Nash

Q: When is your debut book, The Big Power of Tiny Connections, release? 
The book was released 1/1/2022. Wanted the start the new year with a book…not a bang!  

Q: When did you get started in writing your debut book? 

The fall of 2019. 

Q: What does an executive coach and corporate trainer do? 

When I’m coaching, I focus on working with successful individuals who have realized that they want more from their lives and they want to have a greater impact on the world around them. I help them spotlight their dreams, visions and goals and I support them making space to bring those initiatives to life. My clients have built new companies, dramatically increased revenue, gotten healthier, started non-for-profit initiatives and leaned into their happiness. Working with a coach changed my life so I know first-hand that what I do has a deep impact on people. 

When it comes to corporate trainings I work with HR or the Learning and Development teams to assess what their company needs from an acquisition or retention perspective, and we structure sessions around that. For instance, I run a Masterful Storytelling workshop that’s part training, part one-on-one coaching that’s incredibly powerful. In essence this workshop helps employees connect better with their audience when they’re telling stories day-to-day.  I’ve had attendees tell me years later the training is something they feel still shapes how they show up in meetings, how they present, and even how they connect with other people in the world. Who doesn’t love feedback like that?

Q: Did you always want to write?
I always wrote. I didn’t have a choice. I was very little when we moved from Canada to Hong Kong… so I started writing letters to stay in touch with my friends. Remember this is years before texting and email, so letters were my only option. I have letters that are forty years old in my collection. I was and am a terribly speller. Thank goodness for spellcheck!  

Q: How many more books do you have planned? 
I have two more books that I’ve been thinking about writing. One is going to be a follow up to this one, and the other is a non-fiction self-help book which talks about about financial imbalances in relationships. 

Q: What three words would you use to describe your writing style?
Insightful. Unexpected. Lively. 

Q: Tell us, readers about your debut book, The Big Power of Tiny Connections

Using really fun and unexpected true-life stories and scientific research on how we listen, talk, and crave connection, this book shows you how making time to connect is the most productive thing we can do to thrive at home or at work. Why? Because it fundamentally gives us joy. When we connect with people in our world are are so much happier. Can connection also change your life? Absolutely. Whether you want to go to more parties, get a better job, make more money, or get laid more—reading this book will give you practical strategies for doing it all. A happier, more successful, and more fulfilling life is within your reach and my book—The Big Power of Tiny Connections —will show you the way 

Q: What advice would you give to other nonfiction writers?

Work with really good editors. I loved my developmental editor, and I wish my copy editor had been more aggressive. I think they phoned it in a little, which left a lot of work for me and the proofers. Also, hire the best proofreader you can afford. It’s SO critical to get the book proofed AFTER it’s in layout. 

Q: What can readers expect to gain by reading your book? 

I hope this book is life-changing book. I really do.  Firstly, I explain how the opportunity to connect is everywhere and how we can get more than we ever dreamed of out of life if we just make the effort to lean in and say hello. I also underscore how powerfully human connection supports everyone’s happiness, health and well-being. I also share practical ways anyone can find and make connections on a daily basis, almost anywhere. Even if you’re shy, awkward or just really struggle with social situations. Why bother? Well as I explain in the book the people you know have the power to change your life and you have the power to change theirs. Plus, like I said before…connection makes humans happier and healthier.

Q: Where can readers find you and your book online?
The book is available anywhere online! Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Wallmart, Indigo, Abebooks etc and can be ordered from any bookstore around the world. 



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