Review: The School Dance Show

The School Dance Show


A short story about friendship, forgiveness and the courage to shine – perfect for young children who love to dance!

Best friends, Libby and Mia both want to be the star of the school dance show – but there is only one place.

Who will it be?

And will it destroy their close friendship?

As disastrous events unfold, and the big day finally arrives for the year 4 performance, will either of the girls get their wish?

Rating: 5-stars


The School Dance Show by Genna Rowbotham is a great book for all girls. It shows how friendship can shine through anything. Two best friends tryout for the leading role. But only one gets it. The other one feels jealous and hurt. So, she does something, and it destroys their friendship. However, being best friends and being good dancers, they finally come together. This was a beautiful story about friendship, telling the truth, and forgiveness. Plus, new beginnings for the girls. Sharing is caring!

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