Review: The Agency

The Agency: The Norwood Nanny Chronicles, Book One


When American orphan, Bree, arrives at Norwood College—the elite English training ground of nannies to the world’s rich and powerful—she knows that making it through the first year to land a spot in the coveted certificate program is the key to her future. She also knows she can’t go it alone, bonding quickly with her groupmates: an errant (and broke) nobleman, son of one of England’s oldest families; the ambitious and whip-smart daughter of a self-made immigrant; and the ditzy, husband-hunting daughter of a disgraced playboy aristocrat. What none of them realize is that there is more to Norwood than meets the eye: the school itself may unlock the secrets of Bree’s own shadowy past, and the classmates’ very lives will depend on their ability to work together to meet the dangers ahead.

Rating: 4-stars


The Agency by Monica McGurk is an interesting new series. It is full of intrigue, mystery, danger, and drama. A high-end school that is difficult to get into and yet our protagonist does. She earns her certificate as a nanny. Missons full of danger and secrets are undertaken. I loved the atmosphere of suspense and action on every page. The characters made this book pop to life. It was engaging from the start. The novel piqued my interest and kept me glued in until the last page. Monica McGurk is now added to my must watch out list for new writers whose books I want to read. I have not read her previous novels in other series, but I now want to read them all.

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