Review: The Sunken City


Amare Bellamy is not a witch. Orphaned as a child and raised on a ship by the most dangerous men in the Caribbean, Amare is one thing and one thing alone: a pirate. And pirates hate magic.

After a fateful storm plunges her to the depths of the ocean, Amare wakes to find herself in a strange new world: an underwater kingdom, where magic exists, but is strictly outlawed by the King—a man who claims to be her true father.

As Amare struggles to fit into her new role as Princess of the Sunken City, she finds herself tangled in a web of love between two brothers—one good, one not so good. And as strange powers manifest within her, she must question everything she was raised to believe—especially if she has any hope of stopping the evil brewing at the bottom of the ocean.


“Fans of Pirates of the Caribbean will be captivated by this swash buckling adventure on the high seas. A complex and rich narrative… that immerses you fully in the storytelling – a fantasy you won’t want to end!” – Kate W. J. White, author of the Caskets of Ice series 

Rating: 5-stars


The Sunken City by Emma V.R. Noyes is by far the best paranormal fantasy book featuring pirates and magical kingdoms! I was instantly taken by this well-developed plot. The cast of characters made this even more enchanting. I enjoyed the back-and-forth banters between characters. The dialogue, action-packed scenes, and mesmerizing characters created one unforgettable journey. It was indeed a journey of a lifetime, and I am happy to not have missed it! A young woman finds herself being called to the ocean. Defying her normal realities and jumping into the vast water was intense. Death was expected and yet I was taken on an incredible underwater adventure that both resembles Peter Pan in Neverland and that of Pirates of the Caribbean series. Once I was lured deeply, I did not want this book to end. I did not want to stop reading. I want to read the next grand adventure by Emma V.R. Noyes! I have to know what happens next. There was plenty of humor, action, and intrigue to keep readers of all ages from middle school to adults highly entertained from the beginning to end. Overall, Emma Noyes has impressive writing skills that captivated me from the start. She is one author I recommend in keeping an eye out for…her books will be phenomenal just like this one.

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