Review: Song Girl


Detective Marc Allen is ready to leave the Raleigh, North Carolina, Police Department. Two murders that happened on his watch have apparently been solved thanks to a suicide note confession written by a distraught father. But Allen isn’t buying it. He’s convinced that the man’s adopted daughter, Teri Hickox, is the one responsible for the heinous crimes. With his personal life a muddle and his professional career unsettled he decides the best thing for him is a change of scenery.

The detective, now in Colorado Springs, is working new cases and making new friends. One of those friends is Hannah Hunt who, after suffering a freak accident, finds herself only able to speak in song titles. Another is a mysterious drifter who lives out of an old Dodge van and goes by “the champ”. But as Allen builds a new future, events unfold showing him that he can’t escape his past. 

Rating: 5-stars


Song Girl: A Mystery in Two Verses by Keith Hirshland is has once again proven his raw talent in creating a fictional world in which one never wants to end. It is highly entertaining and quickly grabs one’s attention. The main protagonist has issues that bubble over and leave the reader intrigued. Intense, emotionally grabbing, and visually detailed this novel is by far the best. Keith Hirshland has a way with words that paints the images of his scenes into my mind. I can see it all as though I am there witnessing it as it happens. I can feel what the characters are experiencing. The fear, loss, grief, understanding and so much more. Song Girl is an action-packed mystery that hooked me in real fast. Inside, I met so many characters. Each one a unique flavor to the story. The two that really stuck out to me were of course the detective Marc Allen who despite life’s struggles still chases after his gut feeling. Something, bothers him, and he cannot let it go. Teri was the best evil female antagonist I have met. I loved the way she thought she could control everything and was better than everyone. But in the end, bad guys lose, and the good guys always win.

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