Q&A with Dr. Teresa Cody

Q: How did you get into dentistry?

My undergraduate degree was  biology and from there I continued my education at the University of Texas Dental Branch and received a doctorate degree in 1992. My husband and I bought a dental practice in 1993 in Sugar Land, Texas and we have been in private practice since that time.

Q: Tell us, readers, what is PRP?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. It is in the plasma portion of your blood. We draw a test tube of blood and place in a centrifuge. After the blood is spun, it separates into two portions. The red blood cells fall to the bottom of the tube because they are heavier and the plasma floats on top. We pipette off the plasma and then use for esthetics and in areas that are injured. The Plasma contains at least 15 growth factors that direct the healing process in the body.

A quick example, when you scrape your knee, it is the platelets that begin the clotting and form the scab and then the growth factors direct the rest of the healing process. For example, one growth factor attracts stem cells while another directs the stem cells in what type of cell they will become – skin or collagen or blood vessel etc.

Q: What lead you to your discovery of PRP? 

Dentistry has used PRP for over 30 years in extraction sites and bone graft procedures, so we have all the equipment in the office. One day I was sitting in my hairdresser’s chair, and she was complaining about her painful trigger fingers. She was contemplating getting a second steroid shot because the first shot had reduced the pain for 4 months. I told her you can only have 3 steroid shots in one area for a lifetime. Before I knew it, I offered to try PRP and she accepted. She was unable to make a fist. She could not touch her index finger to her thumb. On a Monday, we went to the dental office and injected her injured areas on her hand. She asked how long before she saw improvement. I said 6 weeks????

Two days later she was able to make a fist and that is when my journey began learning as much as I could about PRP.

Q: Why do you say everyone has the power to heal themselves? 

The plasma contains 15 growth factors that should be called healing factors. They are the directors of the healing process. They ensure processes like cell division, proliferation, differentiation, and survival. In other words, they direct new blood vessels to be made, new skin produced, collagen and everything needed to repair the body.  

Q: When did you decide to write your about your discovery in book format? 

When I realized how miraculous PRP was and how it heals so rapidly. I wanted everyone to know this is available and we have all been blessed with this glorious healing liquid.

Q: What is it like being a dentist and writing your book, You Healing You?

I heard an author answer the question how are you so prolific? And he said, he writes 200 crappy words a day and I thought I can write 200 crappy words a day. With those words of wisdom, I began writing and stopped editing as I wrote. The freedom to write and not worry that the words were great was all I needed.

Q: Why is there a need to go for multiple treatments of PRP if it has the power to heal?

Some injuries are healed in one treatment, but it depends on the diagnosis. If it is a long-term injury, it may take multiple treatments, however, it truly depends on the diagnosis and the cooperation of the patient.

Q: You opened up your own business, C&C Wellness where you treat patients for PRP and other natural treatments. What type of natural treatments do you offer? 

We offer vitamin infusions. There are also some general vitamin infusion cocktails that provide good doses of B vitamins, Vitamin C, and Magnesium chloride.

We also offer Glutathione which has been called God’s Vitamin. Glutathione is what your liver uses to detox the world. The most powerful antioxidant. There is no way to avoid all toxins. The only thing you can do is be able to handle them.

Phosphatidyl Choline (PC)is one of the most important nutrients. It is 50% of your dry weight of your brain. It helps with memory and clear thinking.  

Q: Are you still operating as a dentist with your C&C Wellness company? Or no? 

 C and C Dental is open, and I help with management. I no longer see dental patients; however, my husband is a dentist, and we have two associate dentists who are terrific.

Dr. Teresa Cody’s Bio

Dr. Teresa Cody earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas, then her Dental degree at the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston in 1992. The next year she and her new husband, also a dentist, bought a practice in Sugar Land, Texas. Through a sequence of extraordinary events in 2018, Dr. Cody discovered the healing power of Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP for short. PRP is found in the plasma portion of the blood. Everyone has this priceless gift; however, most are unaware of its amazing healing powers which lead her to write her book entitled You Healing You. Her passion is to introduce others to the multiple health benefits of PRP treatments. In February 2019 Dr. Cody opened C & C Wellness to treat patients with PRP and other natural treatments.

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