Review: With Love from Rose Bend


He came to Rose Bend to hide. But she’ll help him find everything he’s been missing.

Leontyne Dennison is on a love hiatus. And that’s just fine, because perfectionist Leo is hyperfocused on the success of her family’s southern Berkshires inn. Volunteering for Rose Bend’s annual spring festival is certain to boost business—and provide the perfect distraction from men—until Leo comes face-to-face with Owen Stafford, the hottest one-night stand of her life.

A retired professional football player, Owen came to Rose Bend to escape after a devastating car accident ended his career. Enter the woman he hasn’t forgotten in the year since their sizzling night together. When Owen’s parents arrive, threatening his low profile, Leo helps keep the peace by pretending to be Owen’s girlfriend. Rose Bend was never part of Owen’s long game, but Leo’s increasingly convincing TLC is starting to give Owen every reason to stay. 

Rating: 5-stars


With Love from Rose Bend by Naima Simone is a new release and a new author to me. I have never read the previous books in this series. I am surprised by the talent of this writer. It was as though I was reading a story from Susan Mallery, Samantha Chase, or by Brenda Novak. Yet, it was not by them. Naima Simone writes flawlessly. Her words immediately take me into her fictional world. I meet amazing characters. Both are just as head strong. One of them is derailed due to an injury and lets it ruin his chance with the perfect woman. I love how the woman is strong enough not only for herself but for her man crush too. She finds a way to sneak into his armor around his heart, sneaks her way under his skin, and drives him crazing with wonder of what she’s thinking. The male protagonist has his charm along with his gruff and rude demeanor. Raw, funny, and engaging, this spicy sweet romance made me laugh, cry, and love these characters so fiercely. Overall, this is a contemporary romance that is wholesome yet sexy too.

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