Review: Last Dance with a Cowboy


Can this wandering cowboy convince his first love that he deserves a second chance in a charming contemporary romance for fans of New York Times bestselling authors Jennifer Ryan and Maisey Yates—with a bonus novella by Carolyn Brown!

Leila Valentino will do anything to keep her grandparents’ Colorado winery afloat. Even partner with August Harding, the first—and last—man to break her heart. Fifteen years ago, August left Silverado Lake, and Leila, far behind. Now the cowboy’s back with an offer that could save her family’s business. But to keep her grandparents from worrying over the vineyard’s finances, Leila insists August give a different reason for his return: her.

August Harding is one step away from a huge promotion. All he has to do is ensure that his company acquires Valentino Bellas Vineyards. And if pretending he and Leila are back together is the cost . . . well, he can’t say no. Leila has never forgiven him for the way he ended things, but the longer they pretend to be a couple, the more he begins to wonder if a second chance isn’t impossible after all. But can he convince Leila that this time he’s not walking away?

Includes the bonus novella Sunrise Ranchby Carolyn Brown!

Rating: 5-stars


Last Dance with a Cowboy by Sara Richardson is an engaging romance full of intense scenes. The characters were once engaged and now, they must work together against an enemy. August finds he is still head over heels in love with Leila. He feels the chemistry as though the years never separated them. He knows he has a lot of work and trust to build with the woman she has become. It will not be easy. But with forgiveness and love, anything is possible. I love how the secondary characters made this book really stand out. Leila’s grandparents were pushing and hoping the two young lovers would get their happy ever after and they just might. The grandparents show what true love is and how it can work even 50 plus years later.

Plus, other characters like the brothers, sister, and mom were amazing! They added humor. Sara Richardson writes from the heart and knows how to craft a fictional world that leaves readers, like me, breathless. I want to read more by this talented superb writer! She made me laugh, cry, and fall in love with all the characters both big and small. Overall, I recommend this outstanding cowboy romance to all.

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