Review: Summer at Stallion Ridge


“Clear off space on your keeper shelf, Fossen has arrived.”—Lori Wilde, New York Times bestselling author

Can two old friends rekindle the spark that brought them together when their pasts are littered with land mines?

The chance to be near his young son is the only thing that could entice former SWAT commander Matt Corbin back to his hometown. Matt has only a few happy memories of his tough childhood in Last Ride, Texas, and most of them involve Emory Parkman. Once his teenage crush, she’s now living in a cottage on his late grandfather’s ranch, which seems like a good omen…until Matt learns Emory is looking into his family’s history, a subject he’d prefer remained closed.

Emory’s wedding-gown designs are said to bring luck—to everyone but her. Though twice bitten by romance that went sour, she’s tempted to take a chance on the rancher next door. Emory and Matt’s long-ago attempts at love never got a fair chance, but all these years later, their attraction is stronger than ever. Maybe by unearthing some of his ancestors’ long-buried secrets, she can help him finally cast off the past’s shadows and prove to Matt that the third time’s the charm.

A Last Ride, Texas Novel
Book 1: Spring at Saddle Run
Book 2: Christmas at Colts Creek
Book 3: Summer at Stallion Ridge
Book 4: Mornings at Rivers End Ranch

Rating: 5-stars


Summer at Stallion Ridge by Delores Fossen is one of the wildest yet most engaging stories I’ve read! Her characters come in all varieties. This adds flavor and tensions to the plot. Drama and tensions build up with each page. One small-town has a lot of guilty minded people all with long buried secrets or so they thought.

One man returns back home to be near his son. Both he and his wife are divorced. His wife is set to marry another man. Just when things get crazy, his childhood crush now a fully grown woman walks into his life. From there, the heat and humor increase.

I loved the back and forth banters. I enjoyed all the drama from the family, friends, and townsfolk. Small communities make for the best tales. I laughed and cried so much! Delores Fossen sure knows how to create a magical world where readers like me forget the real world. I was hooked! I want more of this!

Secrets leak out after one woman’s diary on an old floppy disk is discovered. After that, there is plenty of action, romance, and trouble to keep readers reading. Overall, I highly recommend getting your hands on this new novel! Cowboys sure do make life more interesting.

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