Review: Trigger Point


When the CIA recruited him…

…they said he would need to make sacrifices for his country.

Did he understand they meant he’d give up everything?

Growing up in the Midwest, Nicholas, a farm boy, knew how to work hard and understood the importance of friends and family. It’s 1985 and his old coach just gave him a call and asked if his friend could come to the University of Illinois for a chat. Nick had no idea Vincent was CIA, but it didn’t matter.

The man knew how to play the patriot card.

One year in and his life was changed forever.

Deep under cover with the alias “Sean Smith,” Nick posed as a graduate student in agriculture, in Colombia. It’s 1986 and he’s up to his ears in contra rebels, Central American dictators, corrupt officials, undercover operatives, political assassins, special ops and a gorgeous Spanish professor who is far more than what she seems.

Is she playing him?

Reagan’s agenda in Central America pushed Sean’s CIA handler too far.

Will Nick compromise his morals for the good of the mission?

You’ll love this first novel in the Nicholas Ford series, torn from the pages of history and shows the struggle in Central America in a way you never imagined it.

Get it now.

Rating: 5-stars


Trigger Point by Tony Roth is a must read for all fans of 007. Nick Ford aka Sean is the new James Bond in town. This man came from a small-town. As he completes his assignments, he changes into a different man. His marriage spirals downward and turns into a hell hole. He spends enough time with his interpreter who is as sexy as the Bond girls. Desire, lust, and a longing form. Before Nick realizes it, he’s wanting Grabriella more than he wants his wife.

Nick is tough, smart, and brave. He dives head first into deadly situations. Every scene is intense and action-packed. Emotional suspense and tensions build with every page. At first, I was not sure if I liked how a married man could do what Nick did. But as the story unfolds, his wife Anna became a different person too.

It was crazy how Tony Roth had me hooked at the beginning and kept me deeply engaged in his character’s life. I rooted and end up loving Nick Ford. I cannot wait to see where his career as a spy takes him next. Tony Roth writes in a way that leaves you exactly where he wanted you to end up in his book. Corruption, undercover ops, assassins and a double life made this novel so much fun! I can definitely see this as the next great spy thriller in movie theaters everywhere! This was well-done.

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