Review: Journey to Freedom


This book is written especially for those seeking a way out of bondage. It allows all to be free, regardless of where you are. The Journey to Freedom has answers that allow peace and solace from the very first page. Get started on the road to health, peace of mind, and success in the life God has given. The Journey to Freedom includes exercises to be completed so that you reach your goal of forgiveness. 

Rating: 4-stars


Journey to Freedom: The Pathway to Forgiveness by Olean Hardaway Scott is not a novel like it states on the back cover. I was confused as to why it would say that. The book is also too short to be considered a novel. It does not include fiction. It does provide a how-to and religious living guide for readers. However, it is a nonfiction self-help guidebook that is easy to understand. It gives a reflection and mediation into different aspects of pain that we all go through in life. After reading these short chapters, there are deep thoughtful reflective questions that readers can answer. Thus, providing what we have read and learned and applying to our own situations that are similar.

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