Review: My Kind of Perfect

My Kind of Perfect (A Trillium Bay Novel Book 3)


From Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Tracy Brogan comes a sweet, funny Trillium Bay romance about moving on, creating your best self, and discovering the true meaning of love.

After her scandalous May-December romance comes to an end, baby of the family Lilly Callaghan returns home to Trillium Bay braced for the torrent of “I told you sos” from her sisters and the rest of the tiny island community. Floundering both personally and professionally, she’s at an emotional crossroads but determined to figure out her next best steps.

When a surprise job offer from her house-flipping sister reacquaints Lilly with handsome, free-spirited Wenniway Island transplant Matt Eastman, Lilly wonders if she’s ready for a new romance. Then she meets Hollywood heartthrob Jayden Pierce, who is filming a movie on the island, and she’s certain of it—but with whom? She’s caught the attention of both men, and both men have caught hers. So what’s a girl to do?

Earnest Matt shares her love of the close-knit island community, while surprisingly down-to-earth Jayden encourages her to live life outside her comfort zone. As the flirtatious triangle sets the town talking, Lilly must choose: Does she want to plant forever roots in Trillium Bay with Matt? Or follow a man who makes love stories for a living? Two very different men. Two very different futures. But deep down, Lilly knows that only one holds the promise of her kind of perfect.

Rating: 5-stars


My Kind of Perfect by Tracy Brogan is a charming romantic read. In this novel, readers will find the heroine being courted by a few men. Each one offers her a different lifestyle. One is a life full of luxury and travels. The other brings in a place to call home with family and friends. Lily is not sure which of the two is more for her. She has a lot of thinking to do. Choosing the right man is difficult but worth it in the end. The hero of the story is extremely likable. I enjoy following him as he too, has a lot of thinking and changing to complete. They both find that perfection does not exist. But being the best of who they are and can be is enough. I love the story! It is heartfelt and entertaining. Both realistic and romantic, My Kind of Perfect is a must read for the summer months. I highly recommend it for all romance fans.

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