Meet This Author: Jennifer Estep

Q: What was the name of your first book?
JE: Karma Girl was my first published book. It came out in 2007 and is the first book in my Bigtime superheroes paranormal romance series.

Q: When did you get started in writing stories? 
JE: I wrote my first book one summer during college. It was a very, very bad epic fantasy book that will never see the light of day. But I had been bitten by the writing bug, so I wrote another book … and another book … and so on. I wrote seven books over the course of about seven years before I sold Karma Girl and was first published.

Q: How did you get into the urban fantasy and paranormal romance genres? 
JE: I’ve always loved reading fantasy/paranormal books, along with watching fantasy/paranormal
movies and TV shows – things like the Wonder Woman show with Lynda Carter, the Batman show with
Adam West, the original Star Wars movies, the Marvel movies, etc. I’ve always loved anything with a lot of action, adventure, danger, romance, and magic, and those are the kinds of books that I write today.

Q: Which of your books was the most challenging and which one was the most fun to write? 
JE: I love origin stories, so I always enjoy writing the first book in a new series and creating my heroine,
her magic/powers, and the world that she lives in. It’s just a lot of fun for me as an author.
But it’s also really challenging for me as an author. Sometimes, I feel like I am Rumpelstiltskin. Only,
instead of spinning straw into gold, I am taking all these disparate words and ideas and transforming
them into a cohesive story. LOL.

Q: Tell us about your latest release, Tear Down the Throne
JE: Tear Down the Throne is book #2 in my Gargoyle Queen adult epic fantasy series. This is the middle
book in the trilogy. My heroine, Gemma Ripley, is trying to get to the bottom of a dangerous plot against her kingdom, and she journeys to a trade Summit to get answers. But when a series of deadly attacks happen at the Summit, Gemma realizes that a powerful enemy wants to tear all the royals down off their thrones—and that they just might succeed.

Q: What themes will readers find in Tear Down the Throne?  

JE: Tear Down the Throne features:
 A fierce heroine ⚔️
 Enemies to lovers ♥️
 Epic battles ⚔️
 An evil queen you love to hate ♥️
 Gargoyles (obviously!) ⚔️

Q: How many books have you published so far? How many are part of a series?
JE: Tear Down the Throne will be my 42nd published book, and I have 3 other books in various stages of
production – so I have written 45 books total (so far).

All my books are part of a series, and I have written 9 different series (so far), ranging from trilogies like
my Crown of Shards series to my Elemental Assassin series, which currently stands at 19 books.

Q: Is it easier to write a series versus a standalone novel? 
JE: Once I create a world, I like to write several books with the same characters and explore different
parts of their book world. So I think it’s harder to write a standalone novel and wrap everything up in
one book.

Q: Tell us, readers who Prince Leo and spy Gemma Ripley are. 
JE: Gemma Ripley is the heroine of Tear Down the Throne. Most people think that Gemma is just a
pampered princess, but she is really a clever spy and a powerful mind magier. Gemma is trying to get to
the bottom of a plot against her kingdom when she crosses paths with Leonidas Morricone, a prince
from an enemy kingdom.

Gemma and Leo first met as children, and their families have been at odds for years, so there is a lot of
history and bad blood between them. Which of course makes their unwanted attraction to each other
all the more interesting.

Q: Which of all your characters were difficult to create?
JE: Queen Maeven Morricone is one of my favorite characters and probably one of the most difficult to
create and to continue writing about. Maeven is a villain, but she has good reasons for a lot of the things
that she does.

So, it’s been fun and challenging for me as an author to write a character like Maeven who is a villain to
so many other characters, but who has also helped shape so many characters, including Gemma, into
the people that they are today.

Q: Who are some of the smaller characters that readers will meet in Tear Down the Throne?
JE: Readers will get to see Grimley again. He is Gemma’s beloved and snarky gargoyle who loves taking
naps. I also introduce a couple of new gargoyles in Tear Down the Throne that I hope folks will love just
as much as they do Grimley.

Q: Do you outline your stories, or do you just dive into your story world? 
JE: I’m a total pantser. I don’t do chapter outlines or anything like that. I write in first person, so I think
about my heroine (and my hero if I am also writing from his point of view), her magic, and how she can
use her powers to defeat the bad guys. I will also think about the big turning points of the book. Then I
will sit down and start writing.

Sometimes, it works out well, and sometimes, it doesn’t. But overall, this is the method that works the
best for me. I find that if I try to outline beforehand, then I get bored when I’m writing because it feels
like I have already written the book.

Q: What other projects are you currently working on?
JE: I am going through the production process – copyedits, page proofs, etc. – for Conquer the Kingdom,
Gargoyle Queen #3, which will be out on March 7, 2023.

I will be releasing Heart Stings, an Elemental Assassin novella, as part of the Dirty Deeds 2 urban
fantasy anthology on June 7, 2022.

I am hoping to self-publish a sci-fi romance this fall, and I am also hoping to release a holiday book in my
Section 47 spies-with-magic urban fantasy world later this year.

Q: What is your number one beverage when working on a new book? 
JE: I usually drink water or unsweetened tea. I like to brew hot tea, but then drink it cold.

Q: Using three words, how would you describe your writing style?
JE: Fun, fast-paced, and filled with food talk. LOL.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring writers in your genre? 
JE: I always tell people to have as much fun with their writing as possible. No one is going to write your
book for you, so write the kind of story you would enjoy reading.

Q: Where can readers find you and your books online? 
JE: For more information on my books, readers can visit or follow me
on Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, Amazon, BookBub, and Twitter. You can also sign up for
my newsletter.


Jennifer Estep is a New York Times, USA Today, and internationally bestselling author prowling
the streets of her imagination in search of her next fantasy idea. 

Tear Down the Throne, book #2 in her Gargoyle Queen adult epic fantasy series, will be
released May 3.

Jennifer is also the author of the Crown of Shards, Gargoyle Queen, Elemental Assassin,
Section 47, and other fantasy series. She has written more than 40 books, along with numerous
novellas and stories.

In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys hanging out with friends and family, doing yoga, and reading
fantasy and romance books. She also watches way too much TV and loves all things related to

For more information on Jennifer and her books, visit or follow Jennifer
on Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, Amazon, BookBub, and Twitter. You can also sign up for
her newsletter.

Twitter: (@Jennifer_Estep)
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