Review: A Palm Beach Scandal


From Susannah Marren, author of A Palm Beach Wife, comes her next book set in the exclusive, glamorous world of Palm Beach. Marren follows two sisters as one offers the ultimate selfless act to the other, proving the very meaning of family, in this novel of artifice and intrigue.

Veronica and Simon Cutler and their dazzling adult daughters, Elodie and Aubrey, strike an enviable pose, the ultimate Palm Beach family. In a town where social aspirations, wealth and charm prevail, they are transcendent. While the sisters are polar opposites, they are fiercely loyal to each other. When Elodie receives the shocking news that she is no longer able to conceive a baby, she turns to Aubrey.

Aubrey, a free spirit, isn’t interested in marriage or children, yet when her sister asks her to carry her child, she can’t say no, despite her mother’s warnings. And then one stupefying secret, meant to be buried forever, is unearthed and no one in the Cutler clan is able to turn back. As the family is shaken to their core, Aubrey and Elodie must realize their places in the world and the lives they want to lead.

In the midst of the unforgiving opulence of Palm Beach, A Palm Beach Scandal is a story for our times, a captivating tale of discovery, sisterhood, and love for others where you least expect it. 

Rating: 3.5-stars


A Palm Beach Scandal by Susannah Marren was intriguing. I loved the huge family dynamic that made this book more dramatic. The tensions rose especially between the two sisters. The point-of-view for this story did not work for me. I like when I get more than one point of view. The characters were interesting enough. The pacing was okay, the beginning and middle were good, but the ending was not the best. It was okay. I did not feel satisfied as the reader when it came to the ending. If the ending were a cliffhanger, which it was not, I should still have felt some type of strong emotion about the story overall. I felt nothing. There was no: yes, this was so addictive or this wow, this was epic. There was no OMG, I loved the characters. I enjoyed the characters. I did not love them. Overall, it was just okay.

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