Meet This Author: Gena Showalter

Q: Where do you find inspiration for your writing?

GS: For Ruthless, I drew several places. The feral cats on our property, plus, a tad bit from Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast (only the beast is also the beauty).  

Q: Tell us, readers, what your novel, Ruthless, is about.

GS: The heroine is a powerful fae who was forced to raise herself from the age of five in a treacherous forest. Her only companions are the monsters she brought to life with a mystical song. Little wonder she’s the equivalent of a feral cat, confident but timid, eager for affection but distrustful of it and everyone. The hero is a scarred but powerful king who exhibits iron control, even while smoldering inside. He’s the equivalent of a “crazy cat lady,” who adores everything Viori does. Not that he admits it at first. He’s able to tame the most savage of beasts… but can he tame her? 

 Q: How would you describe your writing style?

GS: Here’s what readers on Goodreads have said about the style of this book: “Twisted, fantastical, heartbreaking, funny, action-packed, and emotional” with characters that are “unhinged, eccentric, bordering-on-insane.” 

Q: What themes will readers find in your new release? 

GS:  –There’s someone for everyone. Even a hissing, scratching-mad female who has spent so much of her life alone and trapped in a deep sleep that she’s never had a chance to live or even learn who she truly is as a person, and a scarred, dispossessed king who literally makes the people around him feel as if they must claw off their skin.  

–The truth is clear when you peel back every excuse. They both struggle with what they suspect is right versus what they are afraid to want.

–Hurting people hurt people. Both have powers meant to bring peace and joy to their kingdoms, but because of the trauma of their pasts, those gifts have mutated into powers able only to bring pain and torment. But. Love can heal in ways nothing else can.

 Q: What other projects are you currently working on?

GS: I’ve been working on the next two Jane Ladling Mystery books with my bestie and co-author Jill Monroe. These cozy mystery romances are so much fun! Here are five reasons to read the series:

—Imagine if Phoebe Buffay from Friends lived in a cemetery and solved crimes. You’ve just met the heroine, Jane Ladling. 
—The hero is a pound and a half of beefcake. With a side of hot buttered buns.
—A homicidal cat named Rolex.
—Food you’ll crave for years to come.
—A good time is had by all (well, except the murder victim). 

I’ve also been working on the next book in the Rise of the Warlords series, The Phantom. This is probably my truest enemies to lovers story to date. The heroine 100% desires to murder the hero, who killed her fated mate. The hero is a war god who despises being touched…until her.

 Q: How did you get into the romance genre? 

GS: I’d read romance novels for years, and my own ideas had begun to percolate. One day, I just kind of spewed out a story…and it was terrible. But I kept at it and learned something new with each draft I crafted. Seven books later, Harlequin decided to launch their new HQN line and they asked me to participate. 

Q: What main advice would you give to aspiring writers?

GS: Someone somewhere will hate your work. Go ahead and accept it now. You cannot please everyone, and you shouldn’t try. But the only sure way to fail is to give up. So don’t give up.

Q: Using three words, how would you describe your hero, Micah?

GS: Cinnamon roll alpha

Q: Where can readers find you and your book online? 

GS: You can check me out at We post lots of teasers from my upcoming books. I’m also on FB (@genashowalterauthor), Twitter (@genashowalter) and Instagram (@genashowalter)

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