Meet This Author: Mona Shroff

Q: When did you first begin writing stories?
I wrote my first story for a Young Author’s contest in the fourth grade, at age nine. It was
called ‘Every Step of the Way’ and dealt with the loss of a pet. But I started for real
about 11 years ago.

Q: What was the name of your first book?
My debut was THEN, NOW, ALWAYS in 2020

Q: How did you get into the romance/drama genre?
I decided to write romance when I realized that no matter what I was reading or
watching, I was always interested in the couple and their happily ever after. I was drawn
to it.

Q: Who was your favorite author when you were younger?
I had so many! Judy Blume, of course as a child. I went through a Steven King phase
(short lived because I scare easy), but mostly, I read whatever came my way. Love
Nora Roberts!

Q: How would you describe your writing style in three words?
All about love.

Q: How many books have you published so far?

Q: What inspired you to write your latest release, The Second First Chance?
I loved the idea of writing about an Indian firefighter. There aren’t a lot in our community,
so I thought it would be interesting. Then I decided to make the firefighter a woman.
That was fun!

Q: What future projects are you currently working on that you can share with us,

I recently submitted the manuscript for my third book in the ONCE UPON A WEDDING
series I write for Harlequin Special Edition. It’s called NO RINGS ATTACHED, and
features a runaway bride! I’m currently working on the fourth book in that series.

Q: Do you outline your stories, or do you just dive into writing them?
I do a very loose guideline, but I mostly dive in. It’s how I get to know my characters.
Sometimes it takes longer, but until I put them in situations, I don’t know how they will

Q: What is your go to beverage when working on a new book?
Coffee and bubbly water!

Q: What is the writing and publishing process like for you? 
For the most part, I love both aspects. Every book has a point in which I’m convinced
that it will never get written, but so far, it always has. The publishing process has a
learning curve that I believe that I am still on. I have great editors, and I love that
process of being able to take feedback that actually works and run with it!

Q: For aspiring writers in your genre, what advice would you give to them? 
Don’t let anyone deter you. If you love it, keep doing it, keep fighting for it. You never
know when it’s going to hit.

Q: Tell us about your main characters in The Second First Chance.
Riya Desai is tough and determined. She’s a firefighter so she can help people, and
hopefully keep them from suffering loss the way she did. Dhillon Vora is cautious and
particular. His definition of success is taking care of those he loves, his mother, his
sister and of course Riya. The fact that she is a firefighter, scares him to death.

Q: Where can readers find you and your books online?
Instagram: @monashroffauthor
Twitter: @monashroffwrite
TikTok: @monaseesandwrites
FB: Mona Shroff, Author

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