Review: Blacklash by Rachel Dylan


CIA analyst Layla Karam is thrust into a dangerous DEA field operation against a cartel that puts a target on her back. Though Layla never wanted to be a field agent, Langley had other ideas. After one of her team members is murdered because of fallout from the op, Layla is left scrambling to find safety.

At the same time, the CIA opens up an internal investigation against her. Out of options, Layla turns to ex-boyfriend and private investigator Hunter McCoy for help finding out who might want to ruin her career.

Layla and Hunter soon discover a mole inside the DEA has sold out the team’s identity to the cartel. She must clear her name with the Agency and protect herself and her teammates from cartel retaliation. With threats on all sides, Layla must put her trust in Hunter–the man who broke her heart–and hope they both come out of it alive.

Rating: 5-stars


Rachel Dylan once again gives out the best romantic suspense read! Her characters are charming, cunning, and sharp. They have their hands full in this deadly journey. I loved the complicated yet amazing relationship between the two main protagonists. Layla and Hunter are a perfect match! Hunter is tough, smart, and swoon worthy. Layla is determined, smart, and the best heroine. Blacklash is the second stunning installment to the Capital Intrigue series. I cannot wait for more adventures by this talented writer. This book has it all-action, suspense, and romance!

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