Review: Oware Mosaic


Decades after a cataclysmic nuclear war, Ghanaian scientists develop technology that store consciousness onto data orbs called retcons. Seventeen-year-old forensic specialist, Feeni Xo, is a Enhuman (a radiation-enhanced metabolic human) that, similar to a vampire, need blood for sustenance. Through a game called the House of Oware, Feeni discovers that the virtual construct is actually an augmented reality. She and her human best friend, Sammi, a young female detective, have been mysteriously given specialized neural implants that allow them to hack into government software. The two teenagers race against time in a horrific world of deformed beasts to piece together the puzzles of the digital mosaic. Will they find a way to save sentient beings from total extinction or will they run out of time?

Rating: 5-stars


Oware Mosaic by Nzondi is the most engaging novel I have read this summer! The book is well-written. It is mostly a character driven plot. The beginning introduces the readers to this strong independent yet fierce young woman, Feeni. She is not only all of those things, but she is easy to connect with due to her certain flaws. The flaws make her likable as a character. Instantly, I felt a connection to her. Nzondi created a female protagonist that is unforgettable. The plot was never boring. The action, characters, and dialogue made this a fun journey. I was laughing, as well as being on the edge of my seat wondering what was next. When I saw this novel, I was not sure what to expect. But I was thrilled I got to read it! It was amazing. There is suspense, danger, risks, and humor to keep readers like me hooked. I am completely hooked. There was also depth to this story and its characters. This is a futuristic science fiction novel. I deeply enjoyed this epic ride. Overall, I cannot wait to read more by Nzondi in the future. The writing was superb!

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