Review: When Sparks Fly by Jo McNally


“Readers will be charmed…Full of genuine emotion.” —Publishers Weekly on Stealing Kisses in the Snow

“Entertaining and charming story that will appeal to readers of small-town romance.” –Harlequin Junkie on Slow Dancing at Sunrise
What if the one who’s off-limits…is really the one?

Between her business, her recent divorce and her teenage daughter who needs her right now, Zoey Hartford has her hands full. Thank goodness she has her best friend, Mike McKinnon, to keep her laughing. Zoey and Mike have gone through everything together—from chemistry class to heartbreak. They would never risk their friendship…until one unexpected but sizzling night changes everything.

Mike is torn. Funny, down-to-earth Zoey in her flannel shirts and messy ponytail always seems so in control…until she melts into his arms. But he won’t come between Zoey and her daughter. They’ll just keep it casual. No drama. No feelings. No messiness. What could go wrong?

But the meddling, matchmaking book club won’t be denied. They may not have set them up, but they recognize a perfect match when they see one. And they’re determined to help Zoey see what’s been right in front of her for so long…

In Lost in Love, single mom Andrea will do anything to make the fall festival a success…even ask the town bad boy for his help.

Rendezvous Falls

Book 1: Slow Dancing at Sunrise
Book 2: Stealing Kisses in the Snow
Book 3: Barefoot on a Starlit Night
Book 4: Love Blooms

Rating: 5-stars


When Sparks Fly by Jo McNally is a beautifully written love story. The characters are best friends who know how to make each other laugh. They have always been there for each other when one went through divorce and the other through the death of a spouse. Now, Zoey is a single recently divorced mother juggling a small business and raising her teenage daughter. While doing that, she is still coping with the death of her father, a threat from a neighbor, and the fact that her home needs serious remodeling. Zoey is a tomboy who finds herself constantly trying to prove herself to others. She can fix anything. Yet, due to being a woman people especially the men, do not take her seriously. With the help of a bunch of older matchmakers, her daughters, and best friend Zoey will find that life she has always wanted. I also love following Zoey as she found herself and tried the juggling act. Her romance with Mike is also the best part of the book. From best friends to lovers, these two have their hands full. Funny, charming, and swoon worthy When Sparks Fly is a fantastic read! I cannot wait to read more this writer.

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