Meet This Author: Lori Wilde

Q: What themes can be found in your latest release, Second Chance Christmas? 
As the title suggests, the main theme is second chances, but there’s also a strong theme of redemption running throughout the book.

Q: How would you describe the heroine?
Quirky Jana is tough as nails but has a heart of gold that she’s afraid to show. She’s loyal to the bone, but she’s had a rough life and doesn’t trust others easily. Once she accepts you however, it’s forever.

Q: What type of man is the hero?
Joel is a solid guy. Trustworthy and dependable. He’s also 6’5” and looks good in a pair of Wranglers. He loves Jana’s quirkiness and accepts her for who she is. I adore that about him.

Q: What trope can be found in Second Chance Christmas
Baby in a manger and friends to lovers.

Q: What are your favorite tropes to write?
I do love second chance at love stories. I enjoy writing about Christmas and weddings and cowboys and fated love.

Q: Have you ever experienced writers doubt or writer’s block? If so, what pulled you out of that? 
Nope. I don’t believe in writers’ block. As for doubt? Hey, that’s everyone most of the time when they
do something that scares them. It’s a good thing, don’t be afraid of it. Sure, everyone gets stuck in a
story sometimes and needs to step back from the story to figure their way out, but if you simply can’t write, the problem is usually fear of failure not a “block.” Calling it a block is self-indulgent and gives one an excuse not to write. That said, some writers might be suffering from depression or other mental health issues, in which case, that’s a different thing entirely and professional help might be in order.

Q: What inspired you to create your characters?
Joel and Jana have been secondary characters in many of the Twilight books and I felt the time had
come for them to get together. Jana is so off-beat, I was worried readers might not accept her. In fact, it took me awhile to find the right guy for her. She wears vegan leather combat books, has numerous tats and piercing and she freely speaks her mind. But I worried for nothing. I’ve gotten so much fan mail asking me when Jana was finally going to find love.

Q: Do you any of your minor characters ever get their own story? 
Yep. I’ve been writing the Twilight series for so long, the kids from the earlier books are now old enough to have their own stories. Joel was seventeen when he appeared in the first book in the series, The Sweethearts’ Knitting Club.

Q: Using only three words how would you describe your writing style? 
Whimsical, emotional, heartfelt.

Q: What is your advice for those aspiring to write romance novels? 
Not to sound like Nike or anything, but serious, just do it. Stop wishing and hoping and dreaming. Put your fanny in the chair and your hands on the keyboard. Or get a treadmill desk. Or swing in a hammock and dictate it into Dragon. Or scribble with pen and paper in a treehouse. I don’t care how you do it. Just do it. If you write regularly, you’re a writer. If you talk about writing, you’re a talker. Oh, and reads lots and lots and lots of romances. You’re standing on the shoulders of giants. Let them do the heavy lifting.

Q: Where can readers find you and your books online? My website is You can follow me on social media @

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